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Skate Australia
Sport roller sport
Jurisdiction Australia
Founded  ()
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Skate Australia is the governing body for roller sports in Australia and is funded by the Australian Federal Government via the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).[1]

The governing body for all skating-based sports disciplines within Australia, working in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission and State Skating Associations.


Skate Australia brings together the diverse and active skating disciplines of Speed skating, artistic skating, Roller hockey (quad), Roller in-line hockey, Roller derby and Skateboarding and Rolling (Aggressive Inline).


flow chart. roller derby is answerable to state governance.[2]
Chart showing governance of roller derby inside Skate Australia. Derived from information found on page 10 of Skate Australia's strategic plan.

Skate Australia provides a minimal level of insurance for some roller derby leagues in Australia. It receives funding from the Australian Sports Commission to help with the development of roller sports in Australia.[3] According to Skate Australia's 2009-2013 strategic plan, the governance of roller derby is different from other sports affiliated with the organisation. Roller derby lacks state committees, with leagues going straight to the Development Officer and Sport Services Administrator.[2] In 2006, there are no roller derby membership in Skate Australia. By 2008, three percent of all members were from the roller derby community.[2]

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