Skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad
No. of events4

Skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics is an event to be held in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.[1][2] It is one of five sports added specifically for 2020, with no guarantee it will return to the programme in later years.


There are 80 quota spots available for skateboarding. Each NOC can obtain a maximum of 3 spots in each event (total 12 maximum across the 4 events). Each event will have 20 competitors qualify: 3 from the World Championships, 16 from world rankings, and 1 from the host, Japan.[3]


Four medal events will be held:[4]

  • Men
    • Park
    • Street
  • Women
    • Park
    • Street


Skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics will be taking place in the Aomi Urban Venue, in Tokyo.[5]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men’s park
Women’s park
Men’s street
Women’s street

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