Skatt Brothers

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The Skatt Brothers
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres pop, dance, disco, R&B
Years active 1979–1983
Labels Casablanca Records
Members Sean Delaney (keyboards)
Pieter Sweval (bass)
Richard Martin-Ross (guitar)
Richie Fontana (drums, guitar)
Danny Brant (guitar)
Past members David Andez (guitar)
Craig Krampf (drums)

The Skatt Brothers (or Skatt Bros.) was a band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1979. At first they were compared to bands like the Village People for parallels in music, but later returned to their more rockish roots. [1]


Sean Delaney formed the band in 1979.[2] Signed to Casablanca Records by Neil Bogart, the original lineup consisted of Delaney himself as well as Peter Sweval, Richard Martin-Ross, David Andez, Richie Fontana[3] and Craig Krampf. Andez and Krampf were later replaced with Danny Brant.

In 1979, the band released "Walk the Night" (written by Fontana and Andez[4]), on the Strange Spirits album. "Walk the Night" was widely popular, reaching No. 9 in the Billboard charts and No. 1 on various national charts. "Walk the Night" is considered the band's cult classic and most famous release.[5][6]

In 2010, European music company Premium Series reissued the Strange Spirits album. The reissue claimed to be "24 bit digitally re-mastered from original master tapes".

Popular culture[edit]

The band's classic "Walk the Night" appeared on the official soundtrack of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Rockstar Games, the company thought the song so important to have on the soundtrack that they hired a private investigator to locate Delaney's (who died in 2003) surviving relatives and secure the rights to include it.[6]




  • "Life At The Outpost" (1980) No. 13 Australia (peaked early October 1980)
  • "Walk The Night" (1980) No. 95 Australia (peaked early November 1980)


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