Skelani massacre

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Skellani massacre
Part of Bosnian War
LocationSkelani, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date16 January 1993
TargetSerbian civilians
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsArmy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Skelani massacre refers to the killing of 69 Serbian victims in Skelani near Srebrenica , eastern Bosnia.[1][2] The massacre was committed by the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[3]

On 16 January 1993 soldiers of the Bosnian army attacked the village of Skelani.[1][2] 69 people were killed, 185 were wounded.[1][2] Among the victims there were 6 children.[4][2] The youngest victim was Aleksandar Dimitijević who was 4 years old.[4][2] Children were killed by sniper fire.[4][2] 30 people were taken to the camps and there they were tortured.[4][2]

Witnesses to the tragedy claimed that Naser Oric, the Bosnian commander was responsible for the 69 deaths in addition to burning 450 houses an Orthodox church and a cemetery.[5]


In the village of Skelani in 2005 erected a monument for 305 Serbian civilians who were killed during the war (1992–1995).[6] Among the victims were 32 children.[6] 2013 Bosniak presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic laid flowers at the monument to Serbian victims in Skelani.[6]


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