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Aerial photo of Skeppsholmen, September 2012.
View from Skeppsholmen Island, September 2012.

Skeppsholmen is one of the islands of Stockholm. It is connected with Blasieholmen and Kastellholmen by bridges. It is accessible by foot from Kungsträdgården, past the Grand Hôtel and Nationalmuseum, by bus number 65, or by boat from Slussen, Djurgården or Nybroplan.

Positioned strategically at the Baltic Sea entrance to Stockholm, it has traditionally been the location of several military buildings.[1] Today the military presence is low and several museums can be found there instead, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the main modern art museum of Stockholm, the architectural museum, in the same building, and Östasiatiska Muséet (East-Asian museum). It is also home to the Teater Galeasen. On the southern shore is the old sailing ship af Chapman which is now used as a youth hostel. Stockholm Jazz Festival is a popular annual summer event held on Skeppsholmen.

The Eric Ericson Hall in Skeppsholmen was the venue for an official dinner for foreign royalty, celebrating the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in June 2010. [2]

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