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This article is about the Finnish band. For the New Zealand band, see The Skeptics.
Origin Riihimäki, Southern Finland
Genres Funeral doom metal
Years active 1991–present
Labels Red Stream
Website Skepticism
Members Matti
Jani Kekarainen
Pasi Pöyry
Lasse Pelkonen
Past members J. Korpihete

Skepticism is a funeral doom metal band from Finland. Formed in 1991, they are regarded as one of the pioneers of the genre.

Overview of studio work[edit]

Starting out with a death metal sound on their first 7", Skepticism soon began to evolve into a more distinctive style, a combination of slow doom metal and death metal with prolific use of keyboards, especially using an organ sound. The keyboards intend to create a depressive sound, rather than the gothic sound that many metal bands using keyboards tend to focus on. This style was first heard on the Aeothe Kaear demo (1994), which was still up-tempo compared to the material that was to follow. The debut full-length Stormcrowfleet took that style a step further, consisting of six long and slow tracks with an average length of nearly ten minutes each.

After this, the band released its first 'pair', an EP and album which are thematically connected: Ethere (1997) and Lead and Aether (1998). In 1999, Aes was released, a one-track EP lasting almost 28 minutes, and another departure into different stylistic territory from the band. A variety of musical themes are explored before the song turns back upon itself and returns to the opening theme.

The band's latest releases were contained in the second 'pair', The Process of Farmakon (2002) and Farmakon (2003). These releases involve another slight departure from earlier releases, by introducing more elements of dissonance and experimentation. Their 2008 release is called Alloy.


The final line-up was reached in early 1993 and consists of a drummer, guitarist, organist and a vocalist. No changes in the line-up have taken place since then.


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