Sketches New and Old

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First edition

Sketches New and Old is a group of fictional stories—except for "The Case of George Fisher"—by Mark Twain. It was published in 1875. It includes the short story "A Ghost Story", among others.


  • "Preface"
  • "My Watch"
  • "Political Economy"
  • "The Jumping Frog"
  • "Journalism in Tennessee"
  • "The Story of the Bad Little Boy"
  • "The Story of the Good Little Boy"
  • "A Couple of Poems by Twain and Moore"
  • "Niagara"
  • "Answers to Correspondents"
  • "To Raise Poultry"
  • "Experience of the McWilliamses with Membranous Croup"
  • "My First Literary Venture"
  • "How the Author Was Sold in Newark"
  • "The Office Bore"
  • "Johnny Greer"
  • "The Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract"
  • "The Case of George Fisher"
  • "Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy"
  • "The Judges 'Spirited Woman'"
  • "Information Wanted"
  • "Some Learned Fables, for Good Old Boys and Girls"
  • "My Late Senatorial Secretaryship"
  • "A Fashion Item"
  • "Riley-Newspaper Correspondent"
  • "A Fine Old Man"
  • "Science vs. Luck"
  • "The Late Benjamin Franklin"
  • "Mr. Bloke's Item"
  • "A Medieval Romance"
  • "Petition Concerning Copyright"
  • "After-Dinner Speech"
  • "Lionizing Murderers"
  • "A New Crime"
  • "A Curious Dream"
  • "A True Story"
  • "The Siamese Twins"
  • "Speech at the Scottish Banquet in London"
  • "A Ghost Story"
  • "The Capitoline Venus"
  • "Speech on Accident Insurance"
  • "John Chinaman in New York"
  • "How I Edited an Agricultural Paper"
  • "The Petrified Man"
  • "My Bloody Massacre"
  • "The Undertaker's Chat"
  • "Concerning Chambermaids"
  • "Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man"
  • "'After' Jenkins"
  • "About Barbers"
  • "'Party Cries' in Ireland"
  • "The Facts Concerning the Recent Resignation"
  • "History Repeats Itself"
  • "Honored as a Curiosity"
  • "First Interview with Artemus Ward"
  • "Cannibalism in the Cars"
  • "The Killing of Julius Caesar 'Localized'"
  • "The Widow's Protest"
  • "The Scriptual Panoramist"
  • "Curing a Cold"
  • "A Curious Pleasure Excursion"
  • "Running for Governor"
  • "A Mysterious Visit"

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