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Bromont, montagne d'expériences
SkiBromont logo.png
Mont Brome behind houses of the municipality of Bromont
Mont Brome behind houses of the municipality of Bromont
LocationBromont, Quebec
Coordinates45°18′04″N 72°38′14″W / 45.30111°N 72.63722°W / 45.30111; -72.63722
Top elevation565 m (1,854 ft) [1][2]
Base elevation180 m (590 ft) [2][3]
Skiable area450 acres
Runs113 trails and 42 Glades
30% Easy
34% Intermediate
15% Difficult
21% Very difficult
Lift system8 chairlifts,
1 magic carpet[2]

Bromont, montagne d'expériences is an alpine ski resort located in Bromont, Quebec on the slopes of Mont Brome, Mont Spruce and Pic du Chevreuil. As of the 2009-2010 season, it was the largest centre in North America for illuminated alpine skiing.[4] It is one of the four major ski centres in the Eastern Townships east of Montreal, the other three being Ski Mont Sutton, Ski Mont Orford and Owl's Head.[5][6] It is about 45 minutes from Montreal.[6][7]

Bromont is on the edge of the orographic snowbelt created by the Appalachians south of the St-Lawrence Valley. Mount Brome is 2000 feet high, and the resort has a vertical drop of 1300 feet.[7] The resort has 9 chair lifts.[2]

The ski resort opened in 1964, for the 1964-1965 ski season, with the opening of the new Eastern Townships Autoroute, Quebec Autoroute 10.[8] It was created in the same year that the City of Bromont was created, out of Brome County.[9] A second chalet was established at the top of the mountain in 1978.[10] The City of Montreal has invested into the resort.[11] The Canadian government has also invested into the resort. Its investment, for a World Cup event, created permanent facilities for the Bromont Ski School.[12] Bromont became the largest night skiing venue in eastern North America in 2006, when it upped its lighted ski runs to 50.[13]

At one time, the resort was part of the Ski East promotional group, along with the resorts of Jay Peak Resort (Vermont), Ski Mont Orford, Ski Mont Sutton, Owl's Head, Ski Mt. Echo.[14]

At one time, the resort has staged events for the alpine Eastern Canada Cup.[15] The resort has hosted the Bromont Cup, an alpine event that has been part of the Pontiac Cup, a national ski championship in Canada, that was based on the international championship, in the 1960s.[16] It has also hosted an alpine World Cup event.[12][17] Also hosted has been a freestyle World Cup event.[10]

Amongst other things outside of ski season available at the resort, is an aquatic park, with water slides.[18]

Mountain's Profile[edit]

Base Summit Vertical
Trails Night
Mont Soleil 180m 305m 125m 7 8 3
Versant du Village 218m 565m 385m(347m) 38 33 7
Versant du Lac 255m 565m 310m 17 21 9
Versant des Épinettes 255m 495m 240m 16 6 6
Versant du Midi 300m 495m 195m 7 1
Versant de la Côte Ouest 300m 500m 200m 14 8
Versant des Cantons 202m 483m 281m 14 17 8


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