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Ski Brule is a ski area located in Stambaugh Township, Iron County, near Iron River, Michigan.[1] Ski Brule is the first to open and the last to close in the region with the best snow conditions at all times. Ski Brule has opened as early as Oct. 24 and latest closing was May 15. Six months of snowsports is a reality at Ski Brule. [2] Ski Brule has seventeen ski runs and eleven ski lifts.[1] With a variety of ability levels, Ski Brule is ideal for people with various ability levels. The trails include one double black diamonds, three black diamonds, six blue square trails, five green circle trails, and a 30 acre terrain park consisting of two trails. All lifts converge at the same general point on the hill and the runs spread out and around the mountain.

The runs are groomed on a nightly basis. Ski Brule's also has an Acrobag available on weekend's and holidays 1-3:00 and it is free to use with your daily lift ticket. An Acrobag is a giant airpillow designed to make learning to do jumps and tricks safely.

Because of its location and snow making capability, Brule is the first and last ski resort in the Upper Peninsula to be open. What sets Ski Brule apart from other ski areas?  It starts with snow.  Ski Brule know how to manage snow better than anywhere else which results in amazing conditions.  Don’t worry about what it looks like in your backyard, you can always count on Ski Brule for fantastic conditions.   Ski Brule has opened as early as October 24 and has been open as late as May 15.  Six months of snowsports is a reality at Ski Brule.  [3]

When you come away from ski Michigan feeling really good about it, you know you’ve had a worthwhile Midwest skiing experience.  That someplace is Ski Brule, and the feeling is genuinely good.  You can ski Michigan in many ways.  It’s schussing down the Big Bear headwall or cruising the timbered trail on Maple Syrup, or gliding through evergreens on the scenic cross country trail with only the sound of your skis and the wind.  It’s that relaxed “north woods” feeling, the atmosphere that is so different from back home. It’s having fun in the saloon and  relaxing in front of a warm crackling fire, it’s your own private log chalet in the village.  Ski Brule is a special place that makes you forget the pressure of every day living.  It’s time to ski Michigan, the best Midwest skiing.

The most unique stop you’ll find skiing is at Ski Brule’s mid mountain Homestead Lodge.  Delicious food and family fun!    The Homestead Lodge is the 1800’s Oberg Homestead and the original Homestead Act, signed by President McKinley, hangs on the wall. The lodge is decorated with vintage photographs and antiques that were once used to farm the land. The antique pot belly stoves are the only source of heat in the Homestead Lodge and are the perfect place to gather with friends and swap stories after a day on the Ski Brule Mountain.


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Coordinates: 46°01′41″N 88°42′04″W / 46.028°N 88.701°W / 46.028; -88.701