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Ski stasjon TRS 070804 023.jpg
Location Ski
Coordinates 59°43′10″N 10°50′06″E / 59.719499°N 10.83488°E / 59.719499; 10.83488Coordinates: 59°43′10″N 10°50′06″E / 59.719499°N 10.83488°E / 59.719499; 10.83488
Elevation 128.9 m (423 ft) amsl
Owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Østfold Line
Eastern Østfold Line
Distance 24.31 km (15.11 mi)
Opened 1879

Ski Station (Norwegian: Ski stasjon) is a railway station located in Ski, Norway. Located 24 kilometres (15 mi) from Oslo Central Station on the Østfold Line, at the point where the railway splits in two into an eastern and western line.

The station is served by all passenger trains on the Østfold Line. This includes InterCity Express services to Halden Station and Gothenburg Central Station, as well as Oslo Commuter Rail services to Moss Station and Mysen Station. Ski is also terminal station for a commuter train service to Oslo that stops at all stations on the Østfold Line.[1]

The restaurant at the station was taken over by Norsk Spisevognselskap on 1 January 1921, but leased to private operators. After an agreement with NSB, Spisevognselskapet renovated the restaurant and took over operations again on 1 January 1924. It was closed on 14 April 1946.[2]

New station[edit]

Oslo Commuter Rail Class 69 units at Ski Station

In the mid 1990s the Østfold Line between Ski to Moss was upgraded to double track and 160-kilometre-per-hour (99 mph) operation. Plans to build a new parallel double track from Ski to Oslo, the Follo Line, are proposed by the Norwegian National Rail Administration. The first stage of this involves building a new station at Ski.[3] The new station will include six platforms.[4]


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Preceding station Line Following station
Langhus Østfold Line Ås
Eastern Østfold Line Kråkstad
Preceding station Regional trains Following station
Oslo S R20 Oslo SHalden   Moss
Preceding station Local trains Following station
Langhus L2 StabekkOslo SSki  
Vevelstad L2x StabekkOslo SSki  
Holmlia L21 StabekkOslo SMoss   Ås
Kolbotn L22 SkøyenOslo SMysen   Kråkstad