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Also known asSkibs, Skiba
OriginWaterloo, London
GenresDrum and bass, jungle, hip hop
Years active1993–present
Associated actsS.A.S. (Skibadee and Shabba D)
S.A.S. (Skibadee and Harry Shotta)
UNCZ (Uncontrollablez) SASASAS (Skibadee, Harry Shotta, Shabba D, Stormin MC, DJ Phantasy, Macky Gee)

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MC Skibadee, real name Alfonso "Skibadee" Bondzie,[1] is a drum and bass MC from London.


He started on City Sound Radio around 1993, and by early 1995 Skibadee was featured regularly at events such as Thunder & Joy, Johnson & Johnsons, Spirit of the Jungle, Ballroom Dance at the Blackpool Tower and his regular spot on City Sound Radio alongside Djs Pro-D and Cyrus on the Live & Direct show. By the end of 1995 Skibadee was resident for all Kool FM, Fever, T & J, Malachite, Electrybe, NJC, Designer label Ball, Chorley FM, Jeb FM and Innersense. Along with MC Det, Skibadee launched a new project called 2Xfreestyle in late 1997, which involved putting a Drum and Bass tempo over a Hip-Hop beat, therefore creating a doubletime effect. He would often perform this style with its innovator Stevie Hyper D (deceased).[2]

The single and subsequent video 'Inside Me' was a success and after being accepted on MTV. and The Box. In 1999 Skibadee received the first of 3 the Knowledge Awards for best MC, and three Accelerated culture awards.[3] Since 2000, Skibadee began collaborating with MC Shabba D, also known as 'Shabba D' or 'Shabba' which has now become Drum and Bass partnership S.A.S, Skiba and Shabba.

In 2006 he won the 1Xtra award for best MC, in 2007 he won best MC southwest Drum n Bass award.[4] In 2008 and 2009 Skibadee won best Lyrical MC and best Hype MC in the national Drum and bass awards and 2010 is the third year in a row as the best Crowd Hyper MC as well as the Stevie Hyper D Lifetime Achievement Award.[5] In 2010 he won best MC at the Drum & Bass Arena awards.[6]

More recently, Skibadee had formed a new clique with MC Bumfun and MC Harry Shotta, calling themselves the Uncontrolabelz, abbreviated to UNCZ. Their DJ is the Kool FM resident DJ RuffStuff.[7]


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