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Skiboarding is a type of freestyle skiing using short, usually double-tipped skis, regular ski boots and bindings, and no poles. It is also known as snowblading or skiblading. It is a recreational sport with no governing body or competition.

The first mass produced skiboard was the Austrian Kneissl Bigfoot in 1991.[1] American manufacturers such as Line Skis then began to produce skiboards, and the sport grew in popularity. From 1998 to 2000, skiboarding was part of the winter X Games in the slopestyle event. After it was dropped there was no longer a profession circuit for the sport, and many competitors switched to freestyle skiing on twin-tip skis.

Today skiboards are available from major brands such as K2, Atomic, Elan, Head, and Salomon.

Skiboards are from about 75 to 135 cm in length, with a parabolic shape like a snowboard, and a solid wood core.[2] Length and width are a function of rider weight, skiing style, and conditions.


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