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Skidd Mills is a songwriter/producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Skidd began his career at Ardent Studios in 1991. There he learned from the likes of John Hampton, Joe Hardy, Jim Dickinson, and Paul Ebersold. In 2001, Skidd left Ardent and started 747 Studios with fellow producer Paul Ebersold. It was there that Skiddco Music was started. In 2009, Skidd moved his operation to Nashville TN, where he has studios in Nolensville and on Music Row. Skidd has spent his career as a songwriter, producer, mixer, and engineer in rock, country, pop, blues and Christian music.

In 2006, Skidd started Skiddco Music LLC. The production company’s first signing was Mississippi rock act Saving Abel. After developing and writing with the band, Skiddco Music teamed up with Virgin Records and released their first self-titled CD. The CD was certified gold, and the first single, “Addicted” sold over 2 million.[1] Other acts on Skiddco Music include Jared Blake, Billy Dawson, Ashla Taylor and Jared Weeks.


Skidd has won multiple Grammy Awards along with having seven Grammy nominations. In 2010, Skidd won a BMI Pop Award for “most played song” for co-writing Saving Abel’s "Addicted".[2] Skidd has multiple Dove nominations.

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