Skifska gas field

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RegionBlack Sea
Coordinates44°00′N 32°18′E / 44°N 32.3°E / 44; 32.3Coordinates: 44°00′N 32°18′E / 44°N 32.3°E / 44; 32.3
OperatorRoyal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Petrom, Nadra
Field history
Start of development2012
Start of production2015
Current production of gas15×10^6 m3/d
550×10^6 cu ft/d 5×10^9 m3/a (180×10^9 cu ft/a)
Estimated gas in place250×10^9 m3
8.875×10^12 cu ft

Skifska is a license block located in the Ukrainian zone on the continental shelf of the Black Sea. It was awarded in 2012 to a consortium consisting of Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Petrom and Nadra.

Original plans intended to start the exploration programme in 2015 on the block with estimated natural gas and condensates resources in the range of 200 to 250 billion cubic metres (7.1×10^12 to 8.8×10^12 cu ft).[1] Potential future production contingent to success during the exploration campaign could yield around 550 million cubic feet per day (16×10^6 m3/d).[2]

Royal Dutch Shell stopped their negotiations over a production sharing agreement in January 2014.[3] Due to the 2014 Crimean crisis the project was put on hold in March 2014.[4]


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