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Skilled Group

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Public (ASX:PRG)
Industry Human Resources
Founded 1964
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria
Key people
Revenue A$1,873,893 (2013)
Owner Programmed Maintenance
Number of employees
Approximately 50.000 full- and part-time employees[2]

SKILLED Group (ASX:PRG) is a public Australian company headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Its core business is labour hire.[3] The Skilled branch network includes approximately 150 local and regional offices across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malta and the United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 1964 by Frank Hargrave AO.[4]

In 2006, CEO Greg Hargrave said that the company would focus on acquisitions.[5] In 2009, they reduced their profit forecast,[6] and Hargrave resigned in 2010.[7] Michael McMahon was appointed the new CEO, and Vickki McFadden became chairperson.[8] In 2011, Telstra trainees took the company and its subsidiary Excelior to the industrial relations tribunal. The union said that trainees were not compensated enough for expenses during mandatory training.[9] In 2015 in a landmark case, a couple was awarded $720,000 after they were refused jobs for being non-union. [10] In 2012, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Skilled had returned to profitable growth after McMahon reversed Hargrave's policy of acquisition.[4] Angus McKay was hired as CEO in January 2015.[11] In October 2015, Programmed Maintenance (PRG) acquired them.[12][13] Following the merger, McKay stepped down.[14] Between November 2015 and February 2016 the share price of PRG dropped some 68% [15]

Through their parent company (PRG) and subsidiaries, Skilled is the largest labour hire group in Australia.[citation needed].

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