Skin (graphic novel)

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Date 1992
Publisher Tundra Publishing
Creative team
Writers Peter Milligan
Artists Brendan McCarthy
Colorists Carol Swain
ISBN 1858090008

Skin is a 48-page graphic novel written by Peter Milligan, created and drawn by Brendan McCarthy and colored by Carol Swain. It tells the story of a young skinhead, Martin Atchitson, who grew up in 1970s London with thalidomide-related birth defects. Milligan has said the story partially addresses "universal themes of major companies shafting people, and corruption in terms of drugs and mass marketing."[1]

Publication history[edit]

Skin was planned to be published in the 2000 AD spin-off magazine Crisis in 1990, but the story's controversial subject matter and explicit language made the publisher, Fleetway, uncomfortable.[2] Printers refused to print it, citing similar reasons. The story remained in limbo until it was published as a graphic novel by Kevin Eastman's Tundra Publishing in 1992 with little controversy.


Tom Palmer, Jr. included Skin in "Palmer's Picks", calling it "a powerful, disturbing book".[3]



Hardcore band Modern Life Is War based their song "Martin Atchet" on the comic.[citation needed]


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