Skin Cancer: Recognition and Management

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Skin Cancer: Recognition and Management
Author Robert A. Schwartz MD
Country United States
Language English
Subject Medical book
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Blackwell Publishing
Publication date
2008 (Second edition, hardback)
Media type Hardback
ISBN 978-1405159616

The book Skin Cancer: Recognition and Management by Robert A. Schwartz MD is a clinical reference covering skin and accessible mucosal disorders, premalignant and malignant cutaneous disorders, including melanoma, Kaposi's sarcoma and other sarcomas, cutaneous lymphoma, cutaneous metastatic disease and cutaneous markers of internal malignancy. It emphasizes skin cancer prevention, as well as recent advances in diagnosis and management. It has a chapter exploring dermoscopic evaluation of skin cancer and a chapter on oral cancer.

Critical reception has been positive.[1] Dermatologic Surgery gave a favorable review for the work, writing that it was "nicely illustrated with beautiful color pictures and is extensively referenced."[2] The Journal of the American Medical Association also rated the work highly, calling it "timely and useful".[3]


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