Skinned Deep

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Skinned Deep
Skinned Deep poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Gabriel Bartalos
Produced by Gabriel Bartalos
Written by Gabriel Bartalos
Starring Les Pollack
Aaron Sims
Kurt Carley
Linda Weinrib
Forrest J Ackerman
Eric Bennett
Warwick Davis
Music by David Davidson
Captain Sensible
Cinematography Peter Strietmann
Edited by Christopher Seguine
Center Ring Entertainment
Distributed by Bedford Entertainment
Release date
  • February 14, 2004 (2004-02-14) (USA)
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $ 600,000 USD

Skinned Deep is a 2004 horror film, directed and written by Gabriel Bartalos.


While taking a family trip, the Rockwell family become lost on the highway. When their car gets a flat, father Phil (Eric Bennett) goes to a convenience store to find help and a strange old woman invites them to stay with her while one of her sons fixes their car. She introduces the family to her strange sons: Plates (Warwick Davis), Brain (Jason Dugre), and one whom the woman calls "Surgeon General" (Kurt Carley). When Mrs. Rockwell takes a picture of Surgeon General, he kills her. Plates starts throwing plates at Phil, who is then murdered by Surgeon General. The Rockwell children, Tina and Matthew, escape through a window and are pursued by Surgeon General and Plates. Matthew taunts Surgeon General who swipes at him and splits him in two. Tina is captured and knocked out. When she wakes up she is in a room covered in newspapers where she escapes out of a trap door. She finds a couple old bikers from part of a gang at the convenience store being served coffee by the old woman and begs for help from the family. She gets recaptured and it's assumed the gang are killed in a cutscene. Brain takes Tina to a park and shows her how to ride a motorcycle. In the end Tina manages to kill and escape the strange family, where she finds help from a policeman who turns out to be similar to the strange family.



Skinned Deep received negative reviews. Website Bloody Good Horror gave the film a 5/10 rating for its terrible performances and weak storyline, explaining that its "just the average Texas Chainsaw Massacre knock-off".[1] Another website, Eat Horror, explained the film is "horribly bad but never scares or thrills and the attempts at comedy are incredibly childish".[2]


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