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Skip may refer to:

General usage[edit]

  • Skip (container), a type of large open-topped container
  • Skip (music), a melodic interval
  • Skip (audio playback), a type of malfunction of a phonograph or gramophone or CD player
  • Skip (radio), a radio signal which is reflected or refracted in the atmosphere or ionosphere
  • Skip (curling), a position in the sport of curling
  • Skip (gait), a style of gait movement involving a combination of walking and jumping
  • Jump rope (skipping rope), where one or more participants jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads
  • Skip, a haircut style
  • Skip, Anglo-Celtic Australians; a word taken from the 1966 Australian children's television show Skippy the Bush Kangaroo



Fictional characters[edit]

  • Skip Ricter, a character in the movie Cars
  • Skip, title character of the autobiography My Dog Skip by Willie Morris and the film adaptation of the same name
  • Skip, a demon from the TV series Angel
  • Skips, on Regular Show, an American animated TV series
  • Skips, on Camp Lazlo, an American animated TV series

In business[edit]

  • Skip, a mobile phone app from Sensis Sensis that allows customers to pre-order and pay for food and drink from their phones.
  • Skips (snack)
  • Skip, a detergent brand from Unilever
  • skip Ltd., a Japanese video game developer


Other uses[edit]

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