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Skip Engblom (born January 4, 1948) is one of the co-founders of the Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions Surf Shop in Santa Monica, California. He also was the owner of the Zephyr skate team, he currently owns and runs Santa Monica Airlines, a skateboard company.[1]

Engblom helped to create the Zephyr Surf Team and the Zephyr Competition Team, aka Zephyr Skate Team aka Z-Boys. Engblom was never a remarkable skateboarder himself but was a big influence to the Zephyr team.

Engblom sponsored the Z-Boys (the Zephyr skate team) including Jay Adams, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. Engblom was the reason that the boys started competing. Engblom and the The Z-Boys frequented a locals only surf spot named "The Cove," which was located at Pacific Ocean Park, in Santa Monica, California, which later burned to the ground. Skip Engblom also played a cameo part in Lords of Dogtown as a race starter.

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