Skip the Goodbyes

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Skip the Goodbyes
Studio album by Amfibian
Released July 10, 2007
Genre Rock
Producer Tom Camuso and Anthony Krizan
Amfibian chronology
From the Ether
Skip the Goodbyes

Skip the Goodbyes is the second album by Amfibian, led by the Phish lyricist Tom Marshall and guitarist Anthony Krizan. Marshall and Krizan are the only surviving members from the previous album From the Ether. The Phish leader, Trey Anastasio, plays lead guitar on the title track. The former Amfibian member Chris Metaxas also plays on the album.

This was the first album released on Relix Records, a label founded by Relix magazine in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Sheep
  2. Bystander
  3. Skip the Goodbyes
  4. See You in Sydney
  5. Pieces
  6. High Watermark
  7. Teresa
  8. Skipping Stones
  9. Memory of Your Smile
  10. Graffiti
  11. Lonely and Low
  12. Thunderclap
  13. Nothing New


  • Tom Marshall: vocals, keyboards
  • Anthony Krizan: guitar
  • John Korba: keyboards
  • John Hummel: bass guitar
  • Kevin Hummel: drums
  • Benjamin Clapp: trombone
  • Mark Varga: saxophone
  • Thorp Rivingston: saxophone