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The main characters from the left to right: Pops, Benson, Skips, Rigby, Mordecai, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five The Ghost.

Regular Show is an American animated series created by J. G. Quintel. The series contains many characters, with seven main characters and various recurring and one-time characters.


Main characters[edit]


Mordecai (voiced by J. G. Quintel) is a tall, thin, anthropomorphic blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. He has been best friends with Rigby ever since childhood, and together they are very lazy and constantly slack off at their jobs there. Mordecai is more conscientious, mature, and moral about his actions than Rigby is, which sometimes leads to his opposing Rigby when he is the cause of some kind of chaotic problem. However, Mordecai usually sides with his friend and the two generally stick together through their adventures. Mordecai loves to play video games and is a better player than Rigby. He can sometimes become caught up in his emotions, often letting them get the better of him. However, he is usually quick to apologize to others if he has hurt them and occasionally takes the lead in fixing a situation. He had a crush on Margaret Smith, a red robin who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop. Mordecai would often hang out with her, along with Rigby and Eileen Roberts, and made many attempts to try to start a relationship with her. The two finally begin to date in the fourth season until Margaret decides to leave for college, thus ending their relationship. He decides to take a break from dating in "Dumped at the Altar", after his relationship with CJ didn't work out. In the episode "Camping Can Be Cool", it is revealed that he attended art school before being employed at The Park; however, he never finished the course due to his bad portrait skills, which were revealed in the episode "Bad Portrait". He is shown to have an outgoing mom, who embarrasses him around his girlfriends and also made a highlight reel of Mordecai's most embarrassing moments, as seen in "Maxin' and Relaxin'". In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", Mordecai quits The Park and returns to making art. He opens a successful exhibition and meets a bat woman named Stef whom he marries and starts a family.[1]


Rigby (voiced by William Salyers) is a short, anthropomorphic brown raccoon who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. He has been best friends with Mordecai since childhood and slacks off even more than Mordecai does. Rigby is hyperactive, immature, and extremely mischievous, which sometimes puts him at odds with Mordecai. He mostly lives for simply having a good time and relaxing, which he sometimes achieves through selfish acts like lying or cheating. He has a bad habit of getting himself and others in trouble, often causing many of the chaotic and surreal problems that arise in The Park. Nevertheless, he is shown to be a good person deep down and sticks closely to his friends. Like Mordecai, Rigby loves to play video games, but he is the worse of the two. He is also shown to be the weakest of The Park workers, although he has surprised them on a few occasions. Rigby's lack of strength was a major plot point in the episode "One Pull Up," in which Rigby had to pass a company physical and keep his job by performing one pull up. He has a younger brother named "Don", whose height and physique lead people to believe that he, not Rigby, is the older brother. Eileen Roberts, a female mole who works at a local coffee shop, previously alongside Margaret Smith, has strong feelings for Rigby and makes this very obvious. He originally did not reciprocate her feelings and harshly ignored her at some points, but he quickly begins to warm up to her and implies that he likes her, as well. In "Dumped at the Altar", Rigby reveals to Mordecai that he and Eileen have been dating for months. Rigby is allergic to eggs, as evidenced in the episode "Eggscellent" when Rigby tried to eat a 12-egg omelet to win a trucker hat and went into a coma due to a severe allergic reaction. Rigby has also died four times and was resurrected in the series. He was killed by Skips in an arm wrestling match, he was killed by Snowballs the monster, he was killed by Mordecai who pushed him into the Space-Time Continuum, and fell into a fatal coma in "Eggscellent". As of Rigby's Graduation Day Special, Rigby is finally graduated from high school. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", Rigby quits The Park and moves in with Eileen. They eventually get married and start a family, but it's unknown if Rigby is working or not as he is seen teaching his children how to play video games.[1]


Benson Dunwoody (voiced by Sam Marin) is a living gumball machine who works as the manager of The Park. He is frequently infuriated with Mordecai and Rigby due to their constant slacking and mischief. He is very hot-tempered and prone to fits of rage, often turning red (or pink if injured) whenever he yells or is extremely angry, he has catchphrases are "You're Fired!", "[blank] or You're Fired!", or even "Get Back to Work!". At the end of some episodes, Benson tries to fire them (sometimes along with their coworkers or only one of them), but Rigby and Mordecai always managed to find a way to keep their jobs with some help from other characters. Even so, they may instead have to face consequences whether it is their fault or not. Despite always being at odds with them, Benson is ultimately friends with them after calming down a bit in the episode "Benson Be Gone" and the three gain more insight and trust with each other as the series progresses. In the episode "Think Positive", it is revealed that Benson's family members often yelled at each other when he was a child. His father instructed him that he would not get anything in his life if he did not speak up for it. If Benson ever contained his anger for too long, the anger inside him will cause havoc and destruction unless he expresses his anger by yelling (often at Mordecai and Rigby). It has been implied that Benson was unhappy during his youth and did not enjoy his family's anger. He is skilled at stick hockey and has a strong love for music, proving to be an extremely skilled drummer in the episode "150 Piece Kit". Benson used to date Audrey, a human woman who lives across from him in his apartment complex. It is revealed that they broke up in "The Real Thomas", in which Benson starts to date an undercover Russian spy named Natalia, although she is later eaten by a whale. In the episode "Pam I Am ", Benson develops feelings for one of the dome scientists named Pam and they go on a 'date'. However, Dr. Langer witnesses the 'date' and makes a new rule that forbids the dome staff from dating anyone who works at the park. At the end of the episode, it is implied that Benson and Pam will date once the dome is gone. During the beginning of the episode "Fries Night", Benson contacts Pam back on earth, to which she revealed that having a "long distance" relationship with Benson because he is now in space is too difficult for her. She states that the reason for the break up is that she doesn't know when or if he will ever return to earth again. They both agree to become friends even though Benson later gets depressed from yet another break up with a woman he really cared for. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", Benson remains working as the manager of The Park and gets back together with Pam. They apparently adopt Apple Sauce as well as a variety of cats.

Pops/Mega Kranus[edit]

Pops Maellard (voiced by Sam Marin) is a cheerful, quirky, and naïve lollipop-shaped man who resides at the house in The Park. His adoptive father, Mr. Maellard, is the owner of The Park. Pops tends to be very ecstatic about everything, often exclaiming "Good show!" or "Jolly good show!" when he is happy about something. When something bad happens, he will instead say "Bad show." He carries small lollipops in his wallet, sincerely believing that they are real money, much to everyone's confusion. He is an upright gentleman who is very kind and well-mannered to everyone. He is also very sensitive, often becoming upset or crying if his feelings are hurt. He has strong interests in poetry, wrestling, music, nature, animals, and games. Despite being an elderly man, he is very childlike and is often oblivious to serious things around him. Because of this, the group is frequently looking after him, especially Benson. In the episode "Prank Callers", it is shown that Pops was once a more serious and mature man back in the 1980s. However, when Mordecai and Rigby had been sent back to that time and accidentally hit him with a golf cart, he is shown to have turned into his zany self. Pops once owned a British doll named Percival, or Percy, who turned his back on him and tried to kill Pops in "Terror Tales of the Park". Pops is also one with nature, but lost it until he tries to find the answer to get it back, as shown in "Catching the Wave". In Season 8, Pops is revealed to be the universe's Chosen One due to being born with telekinetic abilities and ever since he is one with nature back in some previous season's episode, as well as having an evil version of himself with the ability to erase a person from existence. Pops' destiny is to kill Malum Kranus to prevent the destruction of the universe. In "A Regular Epic Final Battle", it is revealed that his real name is Mega Kranus. Pops also realizes that the best way to defeat Malum Kranus is with kindness. Pops gives Malum Kranus a hug and the two fly into the sun, killing them both in the process, and the universe is saved. In Heaven, Pops' is heard saying his catchphrase 'Jolly Good Show' as a video tape of the show, and the show itself, ends.


Skips (formerly Walks) Quippenger (voiced by Mark Hamill) is a yeti who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. He is the strongest and smartest of The Park workers and they almost always turn to him for help, as he usually knows how to solve the chaotic problems that arise in The Park, but he isn't always right. Whenever he is asked for help, he generally says, "I've seen this before", and then presents a solution. As his name suggests, he is always skipping rather than walking. He is a diligent worker and is very skilled at his job; however, he suffers from a lack of knowledge of computers and other kinds of newer technology, which was seen in the episode "Skips vs. Technology". Aside from this, he is very experienced and knowledgeable, as he is immortal and has been alive for hundreds of years. In the episode "Free Cake", it is revealed that he must perform a ceremonial dance every year on his birthday in order to renew his immortality. He explains the story of how he received his immortality in the episode "Skips' Story." He chose to become immortal in order to fight Klorgbane, an immortal bully who inadvertently caused the death of his girlfriend Mona, the only woman that Skips had ever loved. The Guardians of Eternal Youth provided Skips with his immortality, knowing that he was the only one capable of defeating Klorgbane with the Fists of Justice. Skips' birth name was Walks, but he changed it to Skips when he received his immortality because he and Mona would always skip when they were together. This is also the reason why he always skips instead of walking; he chose to do this in order to remember the times he and Mona shared for all his life. Skips also plays a bass guitar, which was revealed in a few episodes. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", Skips remains working at The Park while having a new part-time job as a mechanic, satisfied with his life.

Muscle Man[edit]

Mitchell "Muscle Man" Sorenstein (voiced by Sam Marin) is a short, obese and green-skinned man who works a groundskeeper at the Park. He is very erratic and immature, often pulling pranks and joking around. He enjoys telling "My mom!" jokes, botched attempts at "yo' momma" jokes, much to the annoyance of everyone except Hi Five Ghost, his best friend. Although he can be rude due to his ego, he is ultimately shown to be polite and caring toward his friends. He and Fives were fired in the episodes "Don" and "Under the Hood" but were rehired at the end. At times, he can burst out on a rampage if he is greatly angered. His father, Muscle Dad, enjoyed the same attitude for pranks and jokes, but died in the episode "Trucker Hall of Fame". His older brother, Muscle Bro (real name John), is also seen throughout the series. Muscle Man originally shared a rivalry with Mordecai and Rigby throughout the first two seasons, but the three started to get along and treat each other as friends from the third season onward. His girlfriend, Starla, shares a similar appearance to him and the couple constantly disgust other people when they publicly kiss and show affection to each other. His real name was revealed to be Mitch Sorenstein in the episode "Muscle Woman". In the episode "Power Tower", it is revealed that he gained the nickname "Muscle Man" from his early years of bodybuilding and actually being in excellent physical condition, but he found that life very boring and gave it up. In "The End of Muscle Man", he proposes to Starla and the two become engaged and they are now married in "Dumped at the Altar". In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", upon returning home Muscle Man discovers he has a three-year-old daughter. He and Starla live out their days in their trailer park home and have numerous children.

High Five Ghost[edit]

High Five Ghost (voiced by J.G. Quintel) is a small ghost with a hand extending from the top of his head who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. High Five Ghost is best friends with Muscle Man and frequently gives him high fives to accompany his jokes, as he genuinely finds most of Muscle Man's jokes amusing. Because of his name and appearance, he is frequently called by his nickname, "High Fives". High Five Ghost rarely speaks throughout the first three seasons of the series, but he is given more dialogue from season four onward. His father was introduced in the episode "See You There", as well as his older brother, Low Five Ghost, who works as a police officer. In the episode "The Postcard", High Five Ghost reunited with a human girl named Celia whom he had befriended after waiting four years to receive a postcard from her. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", High Five Ghost and Celia become a married DJ duo and tour the world together. They too, have a child.

Recurring characters[edit]


Nikolai (seasons 4–7) (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) is a young goat who was trained by the KGB as a ruthless spy, and who later sent him to work for the Russian organization M.O.M.M. (Ministry of Mental Management), a company that struggled to find out what made American parks up to date and wealthy. In order to fix Russia's outdated parks, the company sent out Nikolai on a covert operation to obtain the park and bring it back to Russia. During his undercover mission, he changed his identity to "Thomas" and presented himself as an intern for credits for college in "Exit 9B" (in which he made his debut), working as an unpaid intern who calls his "mom" on a regular basis and is often reproved by his coworkers, most notably by Muscle Man. He is usually reluctant to be involved in the surreal and chaotic adventures that arise in The Park, often asking if he has to be part of the situation, to which they insist that he must. There are times when Nikolai becomes personally invested in maintaining his cover, such as using a robot to pose as his "mom" in "The Thanksgiving Special," and wearing spy attire disguised as a Halloween costume (a slice of pizza, which he had to wear until Thanksgiving Day upon losing a bet in "Terror Tales of the Park III"). When the other Russian spies that were deployed with him carry out the final phase of the plan to bring The Park to Russia in "The Real Thomas," he finally reveals his true identity to the park crew and explains why he is really there. When Nikolai learns the plan is really to destroy the Park through a loophole in Russian/American relations, he turns on his fellow spies for being lied to (along with some persuasion by the park crew to remind him of the good times they had as friends, despite the constant poor treatment he received from them for being an intern), and returns the Park to American soil before going on the run from both sides. He makes several cameos after this, usually in some sort of disguise. Eventually, he returns in "Guys Night 2," revealing himself to be tired of his old life as a spy and wanting to move on to a new life. He feels his only option is to go into hiding forever, but first he enjoys one final hang with the park crew. He made non-speaking cameos in later episodes.


Margaret Smith (voiced by Janie Haddad-Tompkins) is a female red robin who was a waitress at a local coffee shop. She was good friends with her co-worker, Eileen. Mordecai had a huge crush on Margaret and frequently found excuses to go to the coffee shop to see her. She has a cousin named John who has an artificial wooden leg. The rest of her family are all birds like her and Mordecai, except for her father Frank, a strong and stern human. Margaret returns Mordecai's feelings for her and the two begin to finally date in the fourth season. They broke up in the season finale when Margaret leaves for college. In the episode "Eileen Flat Screen," Margaret returns now as a news reporter, which no one notices. In "Merry Christmas Mordecai," Mordecai becomes nervous when he hears that Margaret will be there. After several awkward encounters (thanks to Mordecai), they finally manage to have a normal conversation with both acknowledging that they had some good times. This leads to a montage of memories, ending with a memory of a kiss on a roller coaster. Unfortunately, when the scene flashes to the present, they accidentally kiss on the lips and are shocked when they notice CJ watching them. CJ runs out of the house and leaves while Mordecai runs upstairs to find his phone; he notices that all of Margaret's stuff is there and Eileen tells him she is staying as an intern. Mordecai is frantic when he hears the news and didn't know what to say about Margaret staying with Eileen from now on.

As of "Sad Sax," Mordecai and Margaret are still just friends, and Mordecai makes it up to CJ by telling her the truth.

In "1000th Chopper Flight Party," Mordecai is still awkward with her presence and afraid to screw up, even to the point of letting Rigby constantly mess up the Party as a diversion just to keep her away from him. When he finally is declared as the lucky guest to ride Chopper 6 for its 1000th flight, he finds it hard to say no and joins. Margaret tries to talk to him, but Mordecai awkwardly resists until she scolds him for his attitude in desire for their friendship. Mordecai then lifts the tension with a joke and they finally start to have a fun chat. This however angers CJ, who misinterprets it as them rekindling their love, and she causes havoc with her storm cloud ability. Mordecai tries to save Margaret, but she calms CJ when she reveals that she is in a relationship with news anchor, Del Hanlon, which stuns Mordecai and surprises her parents.

In "Not Great Double Date," Mordecai seemed upset that Margaret had a boyfriend, but still said that she seemed happy with Del and that he liked him. When she confessed that Del was not her boyfriend and that she was tired of feeling like a tourist around her friends because of the tension with CJ, he felt sad about it and was pretty interested to know that she still had feelings for him.

In "Just Friends," Rigby and Eileen go to the presentation of martial arts Don, leading to Mordecai and Margaret spending a night that has romantic moments. A chef named Daisuke shows them their future using magical sauce. It is revealed that if, and when, Mordecai and Margaret get together, they will get married, have children, buy their own houseboat, and die peacefully after 50 happy years. Mordecai and Margaret agree that their future looks like it will be really great, but that they are still young and should take it easy on relationships. At the end of the episode, the two agree to remain just friends, with future Margaret looking down on them and inquiring how long they can be just friends, and future Mordecai stating that "only time will tell."

In "Rigby's Graduation Special", she was very worried as she watched Mordecai and the other park workers being shot into space, even saying his name in concern. However, in the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle," she is only seen greeting Eileen when she returns. She does not end up with Mordecai and is not seen with the group 25 years later, though she becomes a muse for Mordecai's art.


Audrey (voiced by Courtenay Taylor) is Benson's ex-girlfriend and neighbour who appears in "Weekend at Benson's", "Fortune Cookie", "The Christmas Special", and "Party Re-Pete". It is revealed in "The Real Thomas" that they broke up.


Starla "Muscle Woman" Gutsmandottir-Sorrenstein (voiced by Courtenay Taylor) is an obese, green woman similar in appearance to Muscle Man. She works at Icy & Hot Jewelry & Apparel. In the episode "Muscle Woman", she developed a crush on Mordecai and had previously dated two other people as indicated by a tattoo on her lower back. When Mordecai broke up with her, she became extremely angry, destroying everything in her path, including a helicopter. She got back together with Muscle Man after he expressed his feelings towards her at the end of the episode. Since then, Starla has appeared with Muscle Man in various episodes, including "Fancy Restaurant", "Pie Contest" and "Bald Spot". In the episode "The End of Muscle Man", Muscle Man proposes to Starla and the two become engaged. In the episode "Dumped at the Altar", she marries Muscle Man. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", Starla is revealed to have had a daughter during the crew's three-year absence.

Mr. Maellard[edit]

Mr. Maellard (voiced by David Ogden Stiers) is an elderly lollipop man who owns The Park and is also Pops' adoptive father. He first appeared in the episode "Dizzy". Maellard is very impatient towards Benson (similar to Benson's impatience towards Mordecai and Rigby) and Maellard blames Mordecai and Rigby's shenanigans on Benson (as he expects Benson to take responsibility for Mordecai and Rigby as park manager). He purposely mistakes Benson's name a lot in some of the episodes in which he appears (using "Ballbucket", "Beanbag", etc.). Maellard finally got Benson's name right (and started to respect him more as well) in the episode "Benson Be Gone" due to Benson's coming to his rescue when he was captured by Susan (a woman whom Mr. Maellard had hired as the park manager after demoting Benson and is later revealed to be a demon) and also gave Benson his old job back. As the series progresses, he turns into quite an eccentric character. He sends the gang to space in the final season and in the episode "The Ice Tape", Pops and the gang find out that Maellard is not his real father but Maellard found him as baby and adopted him during an expedition and kept him safe until the time was right for Pops to fulfill his destiny but Maellard tells Pops that no matter what he always thought of him as his real son. In the season finale, when the park gang returns from space after a three-year absence, Mordecai notices Maellard staring up at the sky, shedding a tear for his son. At the 25th reunion of the Park, the gang erect a statue of him next to statue of Pops, indicating that he had since died.


Cloudy Jay "CJ" Love (voiced by Linda Cardellini) is a cloud humanoid. She had been Mordecai's girlfriend with reoccurring anger problems. She first appeared in the episode "Yes Dude Yes", in which Mordecai started dating her after thinking Margaret was engaged. After learning that Margaret was not getting married, he almost immediately forgets about CJ, leading to an ugly break up at the coffee shop in which she revealed that she can transform into a deadly storm when really angry and assumed this form in three episodes. After Margaret leaves town for college, CJ and Mordecai meet each other at the New Year's Eve dance in the episode "New Year's Kiss", unwittingly kissing each other at midnight. The following episode, "Dodge This", continues this story days after the kiss with CJ and Mordecai competing against each other in a dodgeball tournament. This leads to awkwardness between the two in the final round of the dodgeball tournament and they are forced to address their issues before the Intergalactic Dodgeball Council. They later agreed just to be friends. At the end of the episode "I Like You Hi", Mordecai asks CJ out and she agrees to go out with Mordecai. In the following episode, "Play Date", CJ and Mordecai plan to go out, but are interrupted by Death's 300-year-old son, Thomas. In the Season 5 finale "Real Date", Mordecai saves her life when the founder of Couple Corral McIntyre tries to get them to break up and they officially become a couple. In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", she sees Mordecai and Margaret accidentally kiss, and drives off very upset. In "Sad Sax", Mordecai tries to reconcile with her after receiving advice from "Sad Sax Guy", and they finally get back together. In the episode "1000th Chopper Flight Party", she screws up and ruins their relationship, and she and Mordecai break up in "Dumped at the Altar". In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", CJ becomes a crossing guard at the School. She is not seen in the finale "A Regular Epic Final Battle," however she becomes a muse Mordecai's art.


Eileen Roberts (voiced by Minty Lewis, a writer/storyboard artist for the series) is a shy and timid mole who works at a local coffee shop, previously alongside Margaret. She has a crush on Rigby, but he initially found her annoying. She first appeared in the episode "Brain Eraser." She also appears in the episode "Do Me a Solid," in which Rigby learns of Eileen's crush on him (even though Rigby shows no interest in Eileen), though he goes along with it for a while. Since the episode "Camping Can Be Cool," Rigby has warmed up to Eileen. Rigby thought very highly of her and praised her actions throughout the episode. In the episode "Diary," Rigby admits that he finds Eileen to be attractive when she is not wearing her glasses, but it also reveals that she also can't see without them. In the episode "One Pull Up," Eileen helps Rigby train for his company physical and he shows his gratitude by hugging her (and crushing her due to his enlarged physique). In the episode "Eileen Flat Screen," it is revealed that Eileen and Rigby have been spending more time together. In "Dumped at the Altar," Rigby tells Mordecai that he and Eileen have been dating for two months. In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special," Eileen finally graduates from college at the same time Rigby finally gets his high school diploma. As she is cooking for a graduation party for her and Rigby when the guys unintentionally press the button that sends them and the park into space, Eileen is currently stuck with the guys. Eileen became a main character member in Season 8. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle," she and Rigby move in together and start a family. It is unknown if she has a job or not, but based on her husband's lazy personality, it is implied that she does.

Baby Ducks[edit]

The Baby Ducks (voiced by J. G. Quintel, William Salyers, Sam Marin, Mark Hamill, and Roger Craig Smith) are a group of four ducks whom Mordecai and Rigby found in a fountain in the park in the episode "A Bunch of Baby Ducks". They have shown their ability to fuse together to form a giant, anthropomorphic, duck-like creature when they fist-pump simultaneously. They return in the episode "A Bunch of Full-Grown Geese" to help Mordecai and Rigby rid the park of the evil, titular geese who soon turn into a giant monster. The duo helped the baby ducks upgrade their giant form and succeeded in defeating the geese. They also appeared in "Exit 9B" where they helped fight the park worker's past villains in their giant form. Before their official debut, a group of baby ducks are some of the things sent to the moon by Rigby in the episode "The Power". In "Brilliant Century Duck Special", they again help the park gang fight the geese, who are now helping businessmen that are attempting to destroy the park. In the series finale, they help the Park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Guardians of Eternal Youth[edit]

The Guardians of Eternal Youth (voiced by David Kaye, Robin Atkin Downes, Roger L. Jackson, J. G. Quintel, and Troy Baker) are a group of five infant-like beings for whom Skips must perform a ceremonial dance in order to maintain his immortality. Skips also attended school with them before they granted him his immortality. They also designed and built Skips' Fists of Justice, which allowed him to defeat Klorgbane the Destroyer (their evil brother) in the episodes "Fists of Justice" and "Skips' Story" and they seem to like cake. Mordecai and Rigby found out about this and because they accidentally injured Skips, they took over and defeated Klorgbane (but not before he killed Archibald, one of the guardians), who vowed to return before he was sent flying away. They also appeared in "Exit 9B", where they help the park workers fight off their past villains. In the episode "Quips", the leader's name is revealed to be Reginald, and in "Skips' Story", the names of the other three guardians are revealed to be Oswald, Boswald, and Griswald. In Regular Show: The Movie, they participate in the fight against Mr. Ross and his timenado. In the final season finale, they help the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.


Gareth "Gary" (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) is the king of Synthos who went to school with Skips and the Guardians of Eternal Youth. He works as a valet for the Guardians and also made an appearance in the episode "Cool Bikes" where he served as Mordecai and Rigby's lawyer. In "Gary's Synthesizer" it is revealed that he has an old synthesizer that keeps him alive, but if any cables come unplugged or are tampered with, he will disappear. He is the king of his home planet Synthos, but left to travel the galaxy and his half-brother David took over. When he found out how strict David is as king of Synthos, he battled him in a music battle and won. David was destroyed in the sun and his disk was smash by two Synthos people Robert and Keith who hated David. Then Gary declared that from now on Synthos will have no ruler. In the final season finale, he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.


Death (voiced by Julian Holloway in a cockney accent) is a grim-reaper who tried to take the immortal life of Skips during his first appearance in the episode "Over The Top". He also tried to take Muscle Man's soul twice in the episodes "Dead at Eight" and "Last Meal" and even tried to take everyone's souls in "Skips Strikes". However, he also helped the groundskeepers defeat Garret Bobby Ferguson's villains in the episode "Exit 9B". Death has a son named Thomas (voiced by Michael Dorn), a 300-year-old demon. He later helped them retrieve Maellard's guitar in "Guitar of Rock". He later appears in "The End of Muscle Man" where the others think he's trying to take Muscle Man's soul, but was only there to deliver him a ring. In the series finale, he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.


Don (voiced by Julian Dean) is Rigby's younger brother. Introduced in the episode "Don", Don is better and more likeable than Rigby in most ways, though as a child he was trying to be as cool as Rigby, unknowingly causing Rigby to be extremely jealous. Don is also significantly taller than Rigby, and loves to give hugs to other people. At the end of the episode, the two reconcile as Rigby apologizes to Don on his jealousy towards him, while Don apologizes for not knowing of Rigby's annoyance towards him. Don returned in the episode "Bank Shot", where he helped Rigby practice for a bet he made with someone. Don makes a final appearance in the finale where he and his parents greet Rigby home after three years.

Low Five Ghost[edit]

Low Five Ghost (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) is a ghost who is High Five Ghost's brother who works as a police officer. It was revealed that he once served a sentence in prison until his brother High Five and Muscle Man bailed him out in "See You There". He also appeared in "The Postcard" to help his brother decipher the words from a busted up postcard in order to determine where High Five promised to meet a girl named Celia many years ago. He later appeared to help Mordecai, Rigby, Hi-Five Ghost & Muscle Man get a car so they can get burritos with all kinds of meat.

God of Basketball[edit]

The God of Basketball (voiced by Carl Weathers) is a basketball/human hybrid who is also known as the Basketball Coach King. He apparently lives within the moon and rides in a custom designed white flying Cadillac Escalade. The God of Basketball then quickly befriends Mordecai and Rigby in "Slam Dunk" which leads him into offering them to learn how to play basketball well. When that does not go according to plan, he uses his powers to instantly grant both of them great basketball powers. The God of Basketball momentarily changes sides when he is forced to play with Muscle Man against the duo for computer rights for life. The God of Basketball also appeared when he helped Rigby to get back his hat, in the match of Rigby vs. a Basketball net face-like weirdo in 'Bank Shot'. The God of Basketball later appears in "Exit 9B" as a protagonist Skips summons to help save The Park and he also appears in "Bank Shot".


Techmo (voiced by Steven Blum) was once a human named Samson until he became a technomancer cyborg. He first appeared in "Skips vs. Technology" to help Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips solve a computer error named Error 220 (little did Mordecai, Rigby and Skips know error 220 was a virus known as "Doom Ma Geddon"). Techmo eventually became possessed by Doom Ma Geddon, but the trio were able to defeat the virus and free Techmo by destroying the computer. In "Exit 9B", Techmo is among the characters that are summoned by Skips to help fight Garrett Bobby Ferguson and his villain allies. He also appears in "A Skips in Time" where he helps the past Skips return to his time in order to save the present Skips from dying. In Regular Show: The Movie, he participates in the fight against Mr. Ross and his timenado. He makes his final appearance in the finale to greet Skips.

The Phone Guardians[edit]

The Phone Guardians (voiced by Rich Fulcher and William Salyers) are five living objects (a fire in a wigwam, two tin cans connected by a string, an answering machine, a message in a bottle, and a chalkboard) who serve as guardians of phones and live in an empty universe. They first appeared in "Butt Dial" where they threaten to erase Mordecai and Rigby from existence for hacking into Margaret's phone to erase an embarrassing message that Mordecai accidentally recorded, in which they chose to play it for Margaret instead of erasing it. After listening to it, Margaret insists that Mordecai and Rigby should be released, believing that they "learned their lesson." They also appeared in "I Like You Hi" where they help Mordecai admit his feelings to CJ.

Dr. Henry[edit]

Dr. Henry (voiced by Armin Shimerman) is a lollipop man who serves as the park doctor. He first appeared in "Cool Cubed," where he told Mordecai and Rigby to go into Thomas' brain. Then in "Catching the Wave", he told Pops to try and stay away from surfing or else his big head would put too much strain on his neck. He later appears in "The End of Muscle Man" where he advises Muscle Man if he is in good condition to do his last activities as a bachelor.


RGB2 (voiced by Sam Marin) is a TV robot controlled by an old man from the inside and a long-lost brother of the Baby Ducks. He first appeared in "That's My Television" where Mordecai and Rigby help him escape from the studio. He was the star of the sit-com, That's My Television. He is briefly seen in "The Thanksgiving Special" as a cook.

His name was a reference to R2-D2, a famous character of the Star Wars cinematic franchise.

The Sensei[edit]

The Sensei (voiced by Sam Marin) is a red-haired, overachieving and obese man who used to teach Death-Kwon-Do. After Mordecai and Rigby stole his moves in "Death Punchies", he was forced to shut his dojo down. He re-appears in "Sandwich of Death" as the owner of Death-Kwon-Do Dojo Pizza and Subs and helps them retrieve the cure for Benson, who ate the Death Sandwich incorrectly. It is revealed that he had a falling out with his master, who tried to kill him when they tried to retrieve the cure.

Dr. Reuben Langer[edit]

Dr. Reuben Langer (voiced by Troy Baker) was the new leader of the Dome project who first appeared in "The Button". After Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang froze the original leader Doctor Dome, the Space Tree sent Langer to continue the Dome project. He told the gang not to push the button yet because Langer and his crew are still working on the rockets. In the episode "Rigby's Graduation Day", he sent a fax to the gang to push the button to launch them into space for their mission: Protect and Train Pops against his long-lost evil brother, Anti-Pops.

Chance Sureshot[edit]

Chance Sureshot (voiced by Matthew Mercer) was one of Rawls' men working at the space station. Alongside Toothpick Sally and Recap Robot, he helps save the park from the Reaper Bots. His first appearance was in "Cool Bro Bots". He makes his final appearance in the finale where he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Toothpick Sally[edit]

Toothpick Sally (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) is another one of Rawls' personnel, working alongside Chance Sureshot and Recap Robot. She helps the gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming in the finale.

Recap Robot[edit]

Recap Robot (voiced by Matthew Mercer) is a green robot usually seen with Sureshot and Sally, working at the space tree. He appears in the finale alongside Sureshot and Sally, participating in the battle against Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Colonel Rawls[edit]

Colonel Rawls (voiced by DC Douglas) is the leader of the Space Tree who first appeared in "Welcome to Space". After the Park gang was sent into space, Rawls ordered Sureshot and his Crew to find the gang. When the Gang arrived at the Space Tree, Rawls told them why Maellard and Langer sent them into space for a special mission. In the episode "Space Escape", Mordecai and Rigby told Rawls that Anti-Pops erased an employee from Comet Stop. Rawls ordered everyone to get out of the Space Tree and he managed to get Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang out of the hanger but he decided to stay at the Space Tree.


Earl (voiced by Feodor Chin) is the master of Pops who fist appeared in "The Ice Tape". After Maellard revealed to Pops that he wasn't his real father, he told Pops to find Earl since he's the one who can help Pops to fight his evil brother. After the tape melted, Earl revealed himself to the Gang. Later, in the episode "The Key to the Universe", Earl was testing Pops by making him do his chores. But when Pops had enough, Earl showed Pops a fragment from the previous Universe and also showed him the decision of Pops not fighting his Brother. Pops later ran away and hid from everyone but Mordecai and Rigby talked to him. After the gang talked to Pops, Earl threw a Lemon on Pops and he used his powers to squeeze the lemon, knowing that Pops used his powers, Earl knows that Pops was ready for his real training. During the episode "No Train No Gain", Earl senses that Anti-Pops erased a phone from existence and his powers were growing. Earl used a training montage with some of his favorite music to train Pops quickly. But when Mordecai and Rigby are tired with his music, They used their own music to speed up Pops's own training, but Earl told them that Pops goes to fast and goes out of control. The gang and Earl stopped Pops and Earl realized that Pops was ready to fight his brother. In "Kill'Em with Kindness", he is erased by Anti-Pops. In the final season finale, when both Pops and Anti-Pops died together and restoring everything in the universe that has been destroyed by their cause in balance, meaning that Earl is revived.

The Seer[edit]

The Seer (voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown) is the all knowing Person who first appeared in Meet the Seer. She was mentioned by Earl in "Kill'em with Kindness", that she was the only one that will reveal the location of the final battle. She later meet the park gang in Meet the Seer that she knows all of their personalities before arriving in Planet Nielsen. After Reel to Reel and Black and White were killed by Streaming, she would later reveal the location of the final Battle to Pops and the gang. She was killed when Planet Nielsen exploded.

Father Time[edit]

Father Time (voiced by Alan Sklar (in "It's Time") and Fred Tatasciore (in Regular Show: The Movie)) is a large being made of clocks and wears a purple bowler's hat. He lives within an invisible house in the space-time continuum. In the episode "It's Time" Mordecai accidentally traveled to his dimension when he tried destroy several clocks using a microwave oven out of jealousy due to Rigby's relationship with Margaret, unwittingly killing Rigby in the process. Father Time got upset with Mordecai because of his jealousy and although Mordecai had to stay in his dimension as punishment, he instead sends him back in time on a "time pony" to restart the whole thing (as house guests annoy him) after accepting Mordecai's apology. He also appears in Regular Show: The Movie where he convinces Rigby to apologize to Mordecai for lying to him to restore their friendship. His body has also been falling apart due to Mr. Ross's time-nado but after Mr. Ross's defeat, he is presumably returned to normal.

Archie the Archivist/Laserdisc Guardian[edit]

Archie is a librarian and the protector of the remaining laserdisc player who can transform into the Laserdisc Guardian in the form of a crystal being and while in this form, he speaks in a language that only the Guardians of Obsolete Format, DVD, and Blu-Ray can understand. He first appears in "The Last Laserdisc Player". Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Fives Ghost came to his store to buy a laserdisc player, but he points out that they're all out and takes them to the basement to prove it. When they show him that laserdisc record that they found, he reveals that they are the Disc Masters and uses that record to open the door to a secret room where the last laserdisc player and the Guardians of Obsolete Format are in and entrusts the laserdisc player to them. During the fight against the Ancient Order of the VHS, he gets injured by the VC-Arbitrator and the Disc Masters transform him to his true form, who then defeats the VHS men and the VC-Arbitrator. He is then seen watching a movie on the laserdisc player with the Disc Masters and the Guardians. He also appears in "Format Wars II" where he again helps the Disc Masters find the universal remote, which reveals that Benson is the fifth Disc Master and joins the fight against his son, DVD and his creation: Internet. When he and DVD try to reconcile, Internet betrays DVD and kills Archie. He reappears as a ghost at the end of the episode, once again watching a movie with everyone else.


DVD is Archie's son who first appears in "Format Wars II". He creates a Wi-Fi Robot named Internet to seek revenge against his father. During the fight against the Guardians of Obsolete Formats, the Disc Masters (Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Hi-Fives Ghost, and Benson), and Archie, they are able to kill Betamax, Ampex Quadruplex, and Floppy Disc, but when he and Archie try to reconcile, Internet betrays him and kills his father. DVD then decided to help the Disc Masters defeat Internet by providing them the universal remote's code to take out the communication tower powering him. He meets them again in "Meet the Seer" alongside his sister Blu-Ray where he is now upgraded (and renamed HD-DVD) and helps them fight through Planet Nielsen against Streaming (who is Internet reborn) and his minions to find the Seer and they escape before the planet's destruction. In "Cheer up Pops" they help the park gang record the memories of their past adventures so they can always remember them. In the eighth-season finale, they participate in the battle against Anti-Pops and Streaming.


Blu-Ray is DVD's sister who first appears in "Meet the Seer" where she and HD-DVD help the park gang fight through Planet Nielsen against Streaming (who is Internet reborn) and his minions to find the Seer and they escape before the planet's destruction. In "Cheer up Pops" they help the park gang record the memories of their past adventures so they can always remember them. In the eighth-season finale, they participate in the battle against Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Guardians of Obsolete Formats[edit]

The Guardians of Obsolete Formats are seven giant beings with heads resembling original tape players. Four of them first appeared in "The Last Laserdisc Player" where they are awakened by the Disc Masters (Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Fives Ghost) to protect the remaining laserdisc player. During the fight against the Ancient Order of the VHS, the guardian 8-Track is killed. They (along with two others) return in "Format Wars II" where they help the Disc Masters find the universal remote (which also reveals that Benson is the fifth Disc Master) after finding out that the guardian Microfiche is killed by DVD. In the fight against DVD and Internet, Betamax, Floppy Disc, Ampex Quadruplex, ENIAC, and Archie are killed. The remaining two guardians: Reel-to Reel and Black and White meet them again in "Meet the Seer" where they help the park gang fight through Planet Nielsen until they are both killed by Streaming.


Betamax is one of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a betamax camera. He is killed by DVD.


8-Track is one of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a 8-Track player. He is killed by the VC-Arbitrator.

Floppy Disc[edit]

Floppy Disc is one of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a floppy disc machine. He is killed by DVD.


Reel-to-Reel is one of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a reel-to-reel projection camera. He is killed by Streaming.

Black and White[edit]

Black and White is one of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a black and white TV. He is killed by Streaming.

Ampex Quadruplex[edit]

Ampex Quadruplex is one of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a quadruplex player. He is killed by DVD.


Microfiche is one the Guardians of Obsolete Formats whose head resembles a microfiche player. He is killed by DVD.


ENIAC is the first computer that was ever made and an ally of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats. He is accidentally killed before the fight against DVD and Internet.


Microwave is a doctor microwave oven who works on Planet Neilsen and is a close friend of the Guardians of Obsolete Formats. He sacrifices himself to help the park gang escape.

White Elephant[edit]

The White Elephant is a white anthropomorphic elephant and guardian of the White Elephant Gift Exchange ceremony who appears in "White Elephant Gift Exchange". When the park gang attempt to pay Muscle Man back for his past pranks, they are teleported to the White Elephant's temple. He is unhappy with the park gang for violating the rules of the White Elephant Gift Exchange; which is to hand out gifts you don't like, not receive gifts you like, which makes it entertaining (since Muscle Man's pranks are his way of having a fun time). Because of this, they must stay in his temple for all eternally for going overboard with their revenge prank and are not allowed to open any of the gifts here; however, he does give them two options: go back and make amends or open the gift box that he offers them. They choose to go back but decide to carry out their revenge prank anyway when they find out that Muscle Man had pranked them again. At the end of the episode, the White Elephant watches through the snow globe in the gift box that he offered to the park gang earlier, who then winks at the audience and leaves. This implies that he may have been aware of Muscle Man's prank and orchestrated the whole thing to ensure that the park gang's revenge prank succeeds.

Guardian of Lolliland[edit]

The Guardian of Lolliland is a giant living statue who appears in the eighth-season finale. She helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming, even though she isn't supposed to take part in the battle.

Carter and Briggs[edit]

Carter and Briggs are two movie stars who play as cops. In their first appearance, they arrange a donut contest and the winner will get to be on their next show. Mordecai and Rigby manage to win the contest after facing against two persistent competitors in a deadly void. They made cameo appearances in a few episodes. In "Brilliant Century Duck Special", they help the park gang and the Baby Ducks fight the geese, who are working for businessmen that are trying to tear down the park. In the eighth-season finale, they help the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.


Pam Dunwoody is one of the dome workers that Benson falls in love with during the dome experiment. When the park got sent into space, she considered ending their relationship. After the park returns, they got back together.

Del Hanlon[edit]

Del Hanlon (voiced by Rich Sommer) is Margaret's fake boyfriend and Chopper 6 Weekend Sports TV Anchor who first appeared in "1000th Chopper Flight Party".

Party Horse[edit]

Party Horse is a horse who lives to party. After escaping to Earth to avoid a test and befriending Mordecai and Rigby, he slacks off with them until his principle arrives and threatens to destroy the Earth if he doesn't pass the test; however, Party Horse instead tricks him into stopping Earth's destruction. He later returns to earth get the duo's help to get back with his girlfriend. In the eighth-season finale, he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Burger King[edit]

Burger King is a video game character with a burger for a head. He is summoned by Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips to fight the Destroyer of Worlds. He returns in "Exit 9B" where he again fights the Destroyer of Worlds.

Guardian of the Friend Zone[edit]

The Guardian of the Friend Zone is a talking asteroid who appears in "Meteor Moves". He became like this in the first place because he lost his chances with his previous girlfriends. He traps Mordecai and Margaret in the Friend Zone because of Mordecai missing many opportunities to kiss Margaret due to him constantly doubting himself and did not want to see Mordecai end up the same way that he did. Afterwards, he helps convince Mordecai to finally kiss Margaret and he gives him another chance.


Anti-Pops/Malum Kranus[edit]

Anti-Pops (voiced by Robert Englund) is an evil and powerful version of Pops with the ability to erase a person or anything from existence, including an armada of bounty hunters. He was first introduced the Season 8 episode "The Dream Warrior", where he sent a nightmare alien to go inside Pops' dream and question him about his location. In the season 8 episode, "The Ice Tape" it's revealed that he is in fact the evil twin brother of Pops and that he must kill him to ensure the destruction of the universe. In the episode "Kill 'Em with Kindness" Pops tries to settles things peacefully with Malum Kranus but fails as he shows no mercy towards Pops. After he follows them to Pops' home planet, and engages Pops in an epic battle while his henchmen fight the park gang. Pops attempts to ends thing peacefully, but with little success. Streaming (who still has a score to settle with the Disc Masters) also arrives to aid him in the fight against Pops and the park workers. In the end, the brothers are killed when Pops flies them both into the sun, with Malum Kranus showing some emotion before his destruction.

Garrett Bobby Ferguson[edit]

Garrett Bobby Ferguson Sr. (GBF Sr.) (voiced by Sam Marin) is a giant floating head from outer space who is based on the video gamer Billy Mitchell. He first appeared in the episode "High Score" and at one point was the universal record holder for an arcade game called "Broken Bonez" before exploded in a fit of rage when Mordecai and Rigby beat his high score. In the episode "Exit 9B", it was revealed that he had a son who attempted to bring back his father along with other deceased villains to have their revenge, yet The Park workers and their allies managed to send Garrett Bobby Ferguson and the other villains back into the afterlife, taking his son with him. He made a cameo as a pixelated sprite in "Expert or Liar" after Rigby makes it to the final question in the game show Expert or Liar. When Rigby wins the show, he punches the show's host, Bert Coleman, into the GBF clone's mouth, which ultimately kills the host after the GBF clone explodes.


Gene (voiced by Kurtwood Smith) is Benson's rival who appears to be a green vending machine. He is in charge of a nearby park named East Pines. Gene's first appearance is in the episode "Prankless", which details two separate prank wars to destroy Benson's park for reasons never explained, both of which were thwarted by Muscle Man. He makes a reappearance in the half-hour special "The Christmas Special", but as a protagonist, helping Benson out willingly due to his own love of the holiday of Christmas and it is also revealed that he has a family. He also makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Dodge This", in which he and his workers are a team and compete against Benson's team ("Benson's Ballers"). He made another appearance in "Thomas Fights Back" where he steals the park's statue, but the park gang managed to take back the statue with Thomas's help. Gene makes additional appearances in the episodes "Park Managers Lunch", "The Parkie Awards", and "Chili Cook-Off".


Quillgin (voiced by Thomas Haden Church) is an evil elf who resembles a human being and only appears in the "Regular Show Christmas Special". He made a magical present that was so powerful that it can give people anything they want and only lava could destroy it. However, as he used dark magic as a key component, it also turns people evil and he got so angry that he tried to use it to end Christmas forever and kill Santa, but it fails when Santa reveals to be wearing a bulletproof vest and steals the present from Quillgin. After Santa, the park gang, and the rival park team up, Mordecai and Rigby attempt to destroy the present by throwing it into the East Pines lava pit. Quillgin fights Mordecai and Rigby for present while falling in the volcano and was killed after landing into the lava pit with the magical present. The Christmas Special is a parody of the Lord of the Rings, so Quillgin is a parody of Sauron who was originally an elf before his transformation into the Dark Lord.


Susan (voiced by April Stewart) was a former Park manager and appeared in "Benson Be Gone". When she got angry at the employees, she turned into a giant and was killed by a hobo named Leon who is a former park manager. She returns in "Exit 9B" as one of the many villains that GBF Jr. revives. She only appears as her giant counterpart and fought against the baby ducks in their giant form.


Chong (voiced by Sam Marin) is the antagonist in "Stick Hockey". He is Benson's nemesis since he chopped the head of Benson's apprentice, Dave, ten years ago. Whenever somebody lost to him, he would chop off their heads or other body parts. In the end, he lost to Benson.

Capicola Gang[edit]

The Capicola Gang is a group of evil anthropomorphic animatronic animals from The Fun Fun Zone, a restaurant that became corrupted after The Park workers won a pair of fuzzy dice (which, unknown to them, had diamonds in them) for Pops' birthday in the episode "Fuzzy Dice". They attempted to escape with the dice when the park workers won them, which leads to a car chase to the harbor. After Louie exposes their crime, they attempted to kill them to take back the dice only for them to be destroyed by the FBI. They reappear in the episode "Steak Me Amadeus", in which it is revealed that they survived the battle and plotted revenge on the park workers for foiling their evil crime and sold fake Amadeus Dollars to Pops, which Mordecai used to pay for a date with Margaret at the titular restaurant. They appear at the same restaurant and are taken into custody for giving away the fake Amadeus Dollars and beginning a gun battle between them, the park workers, and two FBI agents until the restaurant's owner shoots grenades at them, destroying them for good. They share a resemblance to the characters from the popular game series Five Nights at Freddy's.

Capicola Gang Leader[edit]

The Capicola Gang Leader (voiced by John Cygan) is an unnamed robot bear who is the leader of the Capicola Gang. He was destroyed by Amadeus Martinez in "Steak Me Amadeus" with a bazooka.


Louie (voiced by Mark Hamill) is a robot beaver who is a member of the Capicola Gang. He was destroyed by Amadeus Martinez in "Steak Me Amadeus" with a bazooka.


The Duck (voiced by Dawnn Lewis) is an unnamed robot duck who is a member of the Capicola Gang. She was destroyed by Amadeus Martinez in "Steak Me Amadeus" with a bazooka.

Klorgbane the Destroyer[edit]

Klorgbane the Destroyer (voiced by Troy Baker) is Skips' main rival who has appeared in "Fists of Justice" and "Skips' Story." He went to school with Skips (under his name Walks) and was the Guardians of Eternal Youth's evil brother. When Walks decided to defeat him, the Guardians and Gary made the Fists of Justice, immortal gauntlets powerful enough to defeat Klorgbane. In their first fight, Klorgbane killed Mona, Walks' girlfriend. He returned in "Fists of Justice" and was defeated by Mordecai and Rigby because Skips was injured. During the fight, one of the guardians, Archibald was killed.

Death Bear[edit]

A bear who wears a pickelhaube and a red cape around his neck. He is the villain in the episode "Death Bear." Fifteen to twenty years prior of the episode, he was a regular bear living in the Park Zoo. One day, he attacked and killed his trainer. The zoo was forced to close down, but Death Bear wouldn't leave. He roamed around the zoo, growing more evil over the years, and surviving by breaking into people's homes and eating their food and them. After Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen encounter him, he chases him back to the house where they call Animal Control to help subdue him. Despite overwhelming the soldiers, he was eventually tranquilized by Mordecai and taken away at the end of the episode.

Rich Buckner[edit]

GBF Jr.[edit]

GBF Jr. (Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr.) (Voiced by Roger Craig Smith) is the main villain in "Exit 9B". He is the son of video gamer Garrett Bobby Ferguson, posing as a Contractor to turn the Park into a highway for the purpose of invoking a summon spell to bring his father and other villains Mordecai and Rigby killed back from the afterlife. But after the villains are sent back through portal they emerge from, GBF Jr. self-destructs after being shunned by his father.


Natalia "Natalie" (voiced by Laura Bailey) is the main antagonist of "The Real Thomas" and a Russian agent like Thomas. Under the alias of a preschool teacher, she dates Benson when her group have begun the final phase of their plan. However, to Thomas' shock, Natalia reveals their goal to destroy the park and intended to have park gang killed. But Thomas helps his friends save the park while Natalia is assumed dead after being swallowed by a whale after being knocked from the helicopter to the ocean below.

Jackie Carmichael[edit]

Jackie Carmichael (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is a lady cyborg from the future (resembling a T-1000) who disguises as a sweet young lady. She first appeared in 'Family Barbeque' when she was trying to convince Frank (Margaret's father) to place her as his best person. She later appeared as a news woman working in Frank's news company. Her true identity was eventually revealed to Margaret, battling to see who gets a free weekly statement. But although her physical body was destroyed by a bullet, her virus continued progressing at the end of the episode. Despite this, she is not seen again in later episodes.


Internet (voiced by Roger Craig Smith (as Internet) and Keith David (as Streaming)) is a Wi-Fi computer robot created by DVD to seek revenge against his father. After they kill Betamax, Ampex Quadruplex, and Floppy Disc, Internet betrays DVD and kills his father when they try to reconcile. The Disc Masters were able to defeat Internet by destroying the communication tower powering him. However, Internet survives and vows to return. When the park gang travel to Planet Nielsen to find the Seer, they discover it is under Internet's control (who now has a newly upgraded body and is renamed Streaming) and they fight their way through Nielsen against Streaming and his stream box bots with the help from HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, Reel-to-Reel, and Black-and-White. Although the park gang, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray manage to escape, Reel-to-Reel and Black-and-White are killed by Streaming. In the final season finale, he and the stream box bots assist Anti-Pops and his henchmen in the fight between Pops and the park gang and upgrades himself to a more powerful form, but is defeated by the combined forces of the park gang, Guardians of Eternal Youth, Party Horse, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, Baby Ducks, Carter and Briggs, Gary, Death, and the Guardian of Lolliland.

Stream Box Bots[edit]

The Stream Box Bots are robots that resemble stream boxes and are Streaming's troops. In "Meet the Seer", when the park gang travel to Planet Neilson, they encounter some of the robot, who become hostile upon recognizing the Disc Masters. They prove to be no match for the park gang, Reel-to-Reel, Black-and-White, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray until Streaming joins the fight. They and Streaming join Anti-Pops in the fight between Pops and the park gang where they fuse with Streaming and upgrading him to a much stronger form.

Ancient Order of the VHS[edit]

The Ancient Order of the VHS is an evil organization whose goal is to destroy all laserdiscs and laserdisc players in the world to prevent them from interfering with their products. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Fives Ghost (later revealed to be the four Disc Masters) encounter SP and LP, the leaders of the VHS and try to get them to watch VHS instead of laserdisc but are ignored. They later reveal themselves to the Disc Masters, Archie, and the Guardians of Obsolete Formats, a battle begins with the Guardians having the upper hand until the VC-Arbitrator arrives and overpowers them. The Disc Masters transform Archie into the Laserdisc Guardian who takes out the Order and the VC-Arbitrator.

SP and LP[edit]

SP and LP are the leaders of the Ancient Order of the VHS. They are killed by the Laserdisc Guardian.


The VC-Arbitrator is VHS player-headed robot created by the Ancient Order of the VHS to help destroy the last laserdisc player. After it kills 8-track, it is destroyed by the Laserdisc Guardian.


David is Gary's brother who took over Synthos after Gary's disappearance and forbids anything challenging. After Mordecai and Rigby accidentally tamper with Gary's synthesizer, they and Skips are sent to Synthos to repair it. David, refusing to let them revive his brother, attempts to rocket them into the sun, but they escape with the help of Gary's synthesizer. Skips holds off David long enough for Mordecai and Rigby to revive Gary, who challenges David to a battle that ends with David being flown into the sun, while his disc was destroyed by two people who hated him to prevent his reconstruction.

The F.E. (Chuck)[edit]

Chuck the F.E.(/Iron) Stomach (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) was the villain who appeared in "Weekend at Benson's". He is Audrey's ex-boyfriend and the creator of the Mississippi Queen, a spicy cocktail drink, which he made Benson drink.


The Geese are the main villains in "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese". After Mordecai and Rigby unsuccessfully try to get rid of them, they call the baby duck to help them and they fight in their giant forms. Mordecai, Rigby, and the baby ducks successful defeat the geese, who swear revenge before their destruction. They return in "Brilliant Century Duck Special" (apparently revived somehow) where they are hired by businessmen to destroy the park for a toy company. The park gang and baby ducks engage them in a space battle. Despite help from their allies, the geese overpower them, but when they learn they are assigned to play as the bad guys (which they didn't like), they turn on their bosses and help the park gang defeat the businessmen. Afterwards, the baby ducks and geese formed a truce.


KILITDJ3000 is an evil supercomputer who controls the KILIT radio station. After being activated, it turns rogue and forces everyone out except Donny G, who is forced to work as a servant. When Muscle Man tries to get the song he wrote for Starla on the radio, the computer wouldn't let him do so, as playing the tape will activate its self-destruct program. He, Mordecai, and Rigby are able to convince Donny G to help stop the computer, but it soon discovers what they are up to. Despite its attempts to stop them (wounding Donny G in the process), it is defeated when Donny G plays Muscle Man's tape and causing the radio station to explode while the trio escape (although Donny G had somehow survived it).

Sacred Animals[edit]

The Sacred Animals are spirit animals who reside in a scared ground in the mountains and appear in "Blind Trust". After a blind Benson angers them, he, Mordecai, and Rigby are forced to run from them, relying on each other's trust until they are forced to make a risky jump from a high cliff to escape from the leader.


Moose is the leader of the sacred animals. After Benson angers him and the other sacred animals, he attempts to kill them for trespassing. The trio manage to escape from him by trusting one other and jumping from a high cliff. Impressed on how strong their trust are, he decides to let them go if they manage to survive the fall (in which they do).


Peeps is a giant floating eyeball who apparently runs the surveillance company that's named after him. Benson bought he products to keep Mordecai and Rigby from slacking off, but they manage to constantly evade him, causing Benson to accidentally summon him to the park to watch over everybody and as a result, he cannot leave until they die (due to the contract the Benson signed without even reading it). After spooking everyone with his gazes, Mordecai challenges him to a staring contest in which Peeps must leave if Mordecai wins but if Peeps wins, he will harvest their eyes. However, Peeps cheats using numerous eyes but Rigby cheats back using a laser light that causes him to lose the staring contest, setting him on fire and crashing into the lake. He is last seen taken to the hospital.

Hot Dogs[edit]

The hot dogs are the main villains of "Meat your Maker". After Mordecai and Rigby ruin the hot dogs Benson bought for the barbecue. They encounter them in the freezer, who reveal their desire to be eaten but they soon reveal their true intentions, which is to eat the park gang and avenge their relatives. After trapping everyone but Rigby in a giant plastic bag with barbecue sauce, they try to do the same to Rigby, but he discovers that they can't resist eating one another when covered in mustard and uses this opportunity to defeat them. They are among the villains revived in "Exit 9B".

The Hammer[edit]

The Hammer is a video game boss and the main villain of "Rage against the TV". He comes to life when the park gang are about to witness Mordecai and Rigby beat him in the video game. They proved to be no match for him until they remember that his weakness is furniture and being attacking him with furniture and household objects until the video game comes back on and they succeed in defeating him in the video game. He is one of the villains who is revived in "Exit 9B".

Destroyer of Worlds[edit]

The Destroyer of Worlds is a digital devil-head villain who appears in "Just Set Up the Chairs". He is released from a video game after Mordecai and Rigby defy Skips' warning and proceeds to wreak havoc until the trio summon the Burger King to combat him, which ends with the Burger King winning the battle. He is one of the villains who gets revived in "Exit 9B".

Night Owl[edit]

Night Owl is the main villain in "Night Owl". He starts up a contest that Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Fives Ghost compete in with the desire to make a fortune. When the four are the only ones left in the contest, he turns them against on another and freezes them in ice until they thaw out in the future. Realizing what had happened, they use the prize car to escape while fighting Night Owl's henchmen, who try to get them back in their glass case. When attempting to escape to the past using a time machine, Night Owl (who is now a head inside an owl robot which kept him alive for many years) tries to stop them but fails, allowing them to get to the past and stop him from starting the contest. He is one of the villains revived in "Exit 9B".

Master Prank Caller[edit]

The Master Prank Caller is a giant living phone with arms and legs and is the main villain in "Prank Callers". When Mordecai and Rigby try to prank call him, they are transported to the pass along with the rest of the park gang. Eventually, they come up with a plan to prank him back and shut him down, opening a portal that leads back to the present. He then reveals himself to be an old man in disguise who just wanted to be a brilliant prank caller and asks to go with them. He is last seen making a prank call to Benson with Mordecai and Rigby. He is one of the villains revived in "Exit 9B".


The Hugstables are small pink creatures who love to give (almost fatal) hugs. They are the main villains in "Sleep Fighter". After being forced to watch so many hugstable cartoons, Muscle Man had nightmares about them that lead him to constantly attack his friends while sleeping. They come up with a plan to extract the creatures from his dream using a dream catcher, but end up having to fight them for real. After defeating them all with dream catchers, the mother hugstable appears, but they manage to defeat it using a large dream catcher under Skips' van.


The Bodybuilder is the main villain in "Rigby's Body". His body quit on him due to him over-stressing it and attempts to take Rigby's body for himself, forcing Rigby and the park gang to chase him down. While he and Rigby fight over Rigby's body, he manages to overpower Rigby only to accidentally make Mordecai crash into him, sending him flying into a slide.

Warden of the Internet[edit]

The Warden of the Internet is the main villain in "Go Viral". She dislikes people making pop videos and imprisons them for all eternity in a digital prison. When Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops are brought to her dimension to be imprisoned, they evade her and free the prisoners while on the run from the warden. When they are about to escape, she manages to catch them but is stopped by Wedgie Ninja, who sacrifices himself to destroy her.


The Unicorns are the main villains in "The Unicorns Have Got to Go". Mordecai and Rigby befriend them at Margaret's cafe, but end up causing trouble for them and the park gang. They and Skips set up a drag race (which unicorns never say no to), leading the Unicorns to drive off a ramp and being blown up by Benson.

Matchmaker McIntyre[edit]

Matchmaker McIntyre (voiced by William Salyers) is the CEO of Couple and is the main villain in "Real Date". After going bankrupt due to no one ever signing up for Couple Corral, he tried to get Mordecai to dump CJ. After many attempts to split them up, McIntyre confronts them near the docks in his submarine. After firing a bazooka at Mordecai (who jumped in the way to protect CJ), CJ turns into her storm cloud form, like she did in "Yes Dude Yes" and strikes McIntyre's car which was parked near the beach. McIntyre's horned hood ornament shoots at the blimp above McIntyre and plummets right into his sub, killing McIntyre for good. Unbeknownst to him, Mordecai survived the blast thanks to a gift box that he had.

The Staff of Bistro in Le Park and the Maitre'd[edit]

The entire Staff of Bistro in Le Park work at the park's esteemed restaurant Bistro in Le Park and are seen a couple of times in the show. Their most significant appearance is when Muscle Man meets Starla's parents, Herb Herbert and Rose Guttsmandoittor. After learning that Muscle Man was faking being fancy, the Maitre'd (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) and the staff tried to kill Muscle Man, Rigby, Mordecai, and the Guttsmandoittors. Eventually their leader, the Maitre'd, is killed by Muscle Man, who trips him and causes him to fall out a window onto a car. They all re-appear as a stage in the online game "Fist Punch", where the staff serve as henchmen and the Maitre'd as a boss.

The Duck Collector[edit]

The Duck Collector (voiced by Julian Holloway) is the main villain in "A Bunch Of Baby Ducks" who offers to buy the ducks from Mordecai and Rigby, only for them to turn down his offer on the account of being too creepy .He eventually steals them and is pursued by the duo and the ducks' mother. After Mordecai and the mother duck are knocked unconscious during the fight, the Collector tries to kill Rigby using a military sword. Enraged, the Baby Ducks defend their surrogate father by turning into a Duck Man. They then chopped the Collector in two, killing him instantly. He is one of the numerous villains to be revived in "Exit 9B" but is once again chopped in two by the Ducks. He is the main villain in the online game "Winging It" in the game's story mode.


Ybgir (vocal effects provided by Roger Craig Smith) is Rigby's negative counterpart who appears in "Dizzy" and "Jinx". In "Dizzy", Ybgir (along with Mordecai's doppelganger Iacedrom) are the mayors of the Dizzy World and have set a law that no speeches are to be presented before the citizens. After Pops gives speech to Mordecai and Rigby about not wanting to leave the Dizzy World, Ybgir and Iacedrom then try to kill them for breaking the only law. Ybgir returns as a demon in "Jinxed" after Rigby tries to break his jinx. When Rigby tries to follow Muscle Man's instructions to un-jinx himself on his own he releases Ybgir from a bathroom mirror. Rigby and Mordecai must then try to stop Ybgir from turning the entire city into zombies. They eventually un-jinx Ybgir, which sends him back to the mirror, defeating him until he returns.

Halloween Villanis[edit]


Skull Punch[edit]

Halloween Wizard[edit]

Party Bus Driver[edit]

Jan the Wallpaper Man[edit]

Johnny Allenwrench[edit]


Jebediah Townhouse[edit]

Ghost Mordecai and Ghost Rigby[edit]

The Hole[edit]



School Girl Villain[edit]

Racki the Wishmaker[edit]

Mr. Bossman[edit]

John Wolfhard[edit]

Elevator Repairman[edit]

Chocolate Witch[edit]


Flying Disc Freestylers[edit]

Amusement Park Mascots[edit]


Shannon Acidbutt[edit]

Musical Villains[edit]

The following characters are villains who are also professional or small-time performers.

The CrewCrew[edit]

Led by the gang-banging Alpha-Dog (voiced by Donald Glover), the CrewCrew (other numbers voiced by Tyler, The Creator and MC Lyte) were rappers who tried to out-rap Pops.

The Summertime Song[edit]

The Summertime Song (voiced by Sean Szeles) is a living tape with the song Summertime Lovin', Lovin' in the Summer(Time) on it. After coming to life and brutally annoying the park gang, Mordecai,Rigby, Skips, and the rest come up with an even catchier song and destroy the tape for good. The Summertime Song returns in "Exit 9B" thanks to GBF Jr. reviving him.

Coffee Bean and the Translator[edit]

The Coffee Bean (voiced by S. Scott Bullock in the first appearance, Sam Marin in later appearances) is, as his name states, an anthrophomorphic coffee bean. He can only say the word, "coffee", which is why he is followed by an Asian man (voiced by Mark Hamill) known as the Translator. They are first seen in "Caffinated Concert Tickets", where they are in line to get tickets for the Fist Pump reunion concert. After over-hearing Mordecai and Rigby's plan to put more time in at work, the duo show up with a contract that Rigby immediately signs for both of them. After forgetting to buy Coffee Bean and the Translator's tickets, they are put under by chamomile tea, "the sleepiest of all teas", and awake to find that the duo have stolen their tickets. After reclaiming their tickets, Mordecai and Rigby enter the concert hall, ditching Coffee Bean and Translator. They return in "Brain Freeze", this time the Coffee Bean resembling a Brain Freezer drink, and the Translator resembling an Asian eskimo. In an attempt to take over Thomas' brain, Mordecai and Rigby stop them and melt them, killing them for good.

Mr. Ross[edit]

Mr. Ross (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas) is the main antagonist of "Regular Show: The Movie". He was the volleyball coach and science teacher at Mordecai and Rigby's high school. When Rigby screws up the school's chance to win the state volleyball championship, Ross plans an elaborate revenge plot to make a time machine to win the championship, and get revenge on Rigby. It is revealed that the reason why Rigby screw Mr. Ross' school volleyball team from winning the match, was originally meant to teach his bully, Gymblonski a lesson, as Ross was not aware of Gymblonski's bullying nature. When Rigby tells his younger-self not to repeat his past mistake for unintentionally turned Mr. Ross into a villain, even Mordecai changes side in the future without telling his reason why he ruined Mr. Ross' game, the younger Mr. Ross is relieved to hear the younger Rigby's apologizes and his reasons for this before being sent to jail, retconning the fate of Mr. Ross and Mordecai's future. He is seen in the same cell as Doug when the park is suddenly sent to space.

Reaper Bots[edit]

The Reaper Bots are the main villains in "Cool Bro Bots" who call themselves Bro Bots to hide their identity. They come to the park dome and pretend to be nice in order to steal their environment to gain money from the black market. Mordecai and Rigby are suspicious of their antics, which causes a wedge between them and the rest of the park gang through a series of disbelief and causes Benson to send them away in anger. After Chance Sureshot, Toothpick Sally, and Recap Robot show up and reveal their scheme, they blow their cover and attack the park gang but are eventually defeated at the end.

Guardian of Secrets[edit]

The Guardian of Secrets is a giant being who resembles Margaret and the protector of Margaret's secrets who appears in "Diary". Rigby unleashes her after foolishly looking at Margaret's secrets while repairing Margaret's diary, and she attempts to destroy Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips for looking at Margaret's secrets. This forces the trio to each reveal a secret of their own to defeat her.

Benson Slides[edit]

The Benson slides are five living 2D slides of Benson who have the same behavior as the real Benson. They appear in "Bad Portrait" after Rigby damages a projector camera that brings them to life. They are unhappy with the duo for destroying a painting of Benson and recreating it in a bad way, leading them to attack the duo and destroy the deformed painting, but with the help of a hologram of Benny Harris, they defeat the slides using paint.

Ello Gov'ner[edit]

Ello Gov'ner is an murderous British taxi who appears in "Ello Gov'ner". After watching a horror movie about it, Rigby begins to have nightmares as well as seeing hallucinations of it. It later apparently becomes real and chases Rigby, Mordecai, and Pops until it corners Rigby, who overcomes his fear and attacks it, which soon reveals that it was all a dream and the taxi was actually a mascot in a costume.


The Limosaurus is a fire-breathing T-Rex made of limos who first appears in "Limousine Lunchtime". He is the last challenge of the Limo Demolition Derby that Mordecai and Rigby must face to win the contest. Although it overwhelms them, they manage to defeat it with the help of a meatball sub and a missile from their limo.

Mordecai and Rigby Holograms[edit]

The Mordecai and Rigby Holograms are the main villains in "The Best Burgers in the World". Mordecai and Rigby create them to trick Benson long enough to get the burgers they want but they come to life and also want to get their hands on the burgers, leading to a fight between the duo, the holograms, and Benson until the duo defeat the holograms with rocks.

Stag Man[edit]

The Stag Man is a part-stag, part-human creature and the main villain of "Camping Can Be Cool". He is angry with Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and Margaret for trespassing in his forest and intends to hunt them down, but plays fair and lets them get a head start. He proceeds to chase them down until he is hit by a truck and is last seen taken into custody by the forest rangers.

Milk People[edit]

The Milk People are white colored creatures who wear masks that cover their fangs and have the power to turn victims into one of them. They are the main villains of "Guy's Night". After Pops nearly completes the milk drinking challenge, he is brought to their lair. When he and the other competitors realize that they've been keeping them here to prevent them from completing the challenge, they become hostile, forcing them to escape. Although Pops manages to escape with the others competitors, two of them are left behind.

Douglas "The Doppelganger" Shablowski[edit]

Douglas "The Doppelganger" Shablowski, or Doug for short is the primary antagonist in the episode "Temp Check." He is an otter who is a serial scam artist whose strategy involves presenting himself as a drifter seeking work who Rigby hires him as a temporary employee at the park to perform duties typically assigned to him by Benson. His relationship with Mordecai ends up making Rigby jealous. He eventually becomes a clone of Rigby and even sounds the same. After doing multiple test with Rigby's favorite things. Mordecai trick Doug into revealing himself by hugging him (in which the real Rigby would never do). Upon realizing that his cover is blown, Doug attempts to flee but is quickly apprehended by Skips and placed in custody by the local authorities. He is seen in the same cell with Mr. Ross when the park is sent into space.

Snowballs the Ice Monster[edit]

Snowballs is an evil snow monster who can breathe fire and appears in "Appreciation Day". It is brought to life by an electrical pole due to Mordecai and Rigby writing lies in the Book of Park Records. It wrecks havoc across the park and rips out the book's pages. Skips eventually retrieves the cover, allowing the duo to repair the book and make Snowballs disappear.

Park Avenue[edit]

Park Avenue is an living spray can who appears in "Under the Hood". His graffiti lead Muscle Man to get fired from his job, forcing Mordecai and Rigby to chase him down and expose his scheme to Benson to get Muscle Man rehired. After surviving his traps and graffiti monsters, they catch him in his invisible house and force him to admit the truth to Benson. When Benson attempts to call the police, he tries to escape but fails.

Other characters[edit]

Muscle Bro[edit]

John "Muscle Bro" Sorenstein (voiced by Steven Blum) is a truck driver who is also Muscle Man's brother. He's made appearances in "My Mom", "Trucker Hall of Fame" (once before his father's funeral,and one during a flashback sequence), "Trailer Trashed", "The End of Muscle Man", and in "Terror Tales of the Park IV".

Muscle Dad[edit]

Muscle Dad Sorenstein (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is Muscle Man's deceased father who died after unloading a box on to a bear by accident. He made post-death appearances in the episodes "Trucker Hall of Fame" and "The Thanksgiving Special". He also appears in "Power Tower".

Quinten "Quips" Quippinger[edit]

Quinten Q. "Quips" Quippinger (voiced by Matt Price) is Skips's cousin who appeared in "Quips" and "Bachelor Party! Zingo!". He is also engaged.

The Cart[edit]

Hecho En "the Alive Golf Cart" Mexico (voiced by Toby Jones), is the golf cart Mordecai and Rigby use as their way of transportation. His most distinctive appearance was when Mordecai and Rigby accidentally bring him to life (with soda spilled over his engine) while having to replace him. After doing many activities, Cart dives into sea with fireworks firing from his trunk as a final activity to do before going to the dump. After finding out he was going to stay (due to Benson being unable to afford the new cart), Mordecai and Rigby fished him out, repaired him, and drove him back. After these events, Cart could no longer speak or move by himself. He mistakenly believes that his name is "Hecho En Mexico" because that's what is written on him ("Hecho en Mexico" means "Made in Mexico" in Spanish and is actually meant to indicate where the cart was manufactured).

Muscle Mom[edit]

Muscle Mom Sorenstein (voiced by Edie McClurg) is a character who is constantly referenced in many of Muscle Man's jokes. Her first appearance is in "Terror Tales of the Park IV".


John (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) is Margaret's cousin who has a prosthetic leg. He appears in "Yes Dude Yes" and "Family BBQ".

Party Pete[edit]

Peter "Party Pete" Hermanverfal (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is the antagonist of the episode "Party Pete" and is a dueter-protagonist in "Party Re-Pete". He is invited by Mordecai and Rigby to spice up their party. After learning Benson was returning to the park, Mordecai and Rigby tried to stop Party Pete, who was hopped up on Radi-Cola. Eventually, Mordecai and Rigby stuff him with so much cola that he explodes to death just before Benson arrives. It is revealed that Pete (actually named "Peter Hermanverfal") was one of the many people to be captured by Party Planners and be cloned for parties, meaning that the Party Pete that died was only a clone. The Party Pete Clone made an appearance as one of the resurrected villains in "Exit 9B".


Desdamona, or Mona for short (voiced by Grey DeLisle), was Skips' girlfriend who knew him in the 1800s under his former name Walks. She appeared in "Diary", "Exit 9B", and had a major role in "Skips' Story". When Walks transferred to her school, she heard his plans of trying to defeat Klorgbane and tried to keep her distance from him. Eventually, the two become a couple, only for Klorgbane to accidentally kill her in a fight he was having with Walks.

Hillary and Willam[edit]

Hillary and Willam are Mordecai's parents. They first appeared on The Thanksgiving Special.

Barbera and Sherm[edit]

Barbera and Sherm are Rigby's parents. They first appeared on The Thanksgiving Special. Not much is known about Rigby's parents, but they seem very proud of Rigby, even though he is lazy and rarely gets things done. When Rigby was in high school, he was expelled and his mother had to come pick him up. She was upset and tells him that "You're always making so much trouble for yourself". Whenever Sherm yells, makes fun of Rigby, or talks to Don, Barbera sometimes defends Rigby. However, unknown to his parents, Rigby has more experiences involving a more dangerous situations he was in to survive than Don, until they finally acknowledged him, particularly on their older son's graduation speech about that situation he was in. As they were heading to the party, they saw the park going up into space and worriedly watch their older son go up.


Stef is a bat woman who appears in the finale. Mordecai met her while working in art school and they married and had kids.

Wall Buddy[edit]

Wall Buddy is a wall product who appears in "Wall Buddy". Rigby buys it to separate the bedroom, but after he and Mordecai abuse it, it gets too confuses and begins to spread across the park, but the duo manage to catch it and hit the reset button, turning it off and returning it to normal.

Chad and Jeremy[edit]

Chad and Jeremy are an ostrich and possum who appear in "Replaced". Mordecai and Rigby attempt to sabotage them to ensure that Benson doesn't replace them, leading to massive brawl on the lake. Benson stops the fighting, quickly fires Mordecai and Rigby and makes them leave before offering Chad and Jeremy the job. They turn it down due to what they had been through and leave, much to Benson's dismay. This also allows Mordecai and Rigby (who didn't actually leave the park) to keep their jobs.

The Eggscellent Knight[edit]

The Eggscellent Knight (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a character who first appeared in "Eggscellent", where he protected the Eggscellent Hat. He also appeared later in "Gamers Never Say Die", as the guardian of a golden game stamp. He once again appears in "Garage Door" as an employee of Hardware Emporium. He is a parody of the knight from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".


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