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TypeSide dish
Place of originScotland
Main ingredientsOatmeal, fat, onions, and seasonings
Similar dishesWhite pudding

Skirlie is a Scottish dish, made from oatmeal fried with fat, onions[1] and seasonings. The "skirl" indicates the noise made by the frying ingredients.[1] Similar to white pudding, which has similar ingredients but is boiled in a tripe skin,[1] it is served as a side-dish with potatoes,[1] or used as a stuffing for chicken or other fowl. It is also a common side dish to accompany mince and tatties or Christmas dinner, especially in the northeast of Scotland.[citation needed] Suet,[1] lard, beef dripping or butter are used. The addition of salt at the cooking stage is crucial, but a bit less than used to be added as salt is to be found in so many other foods.

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