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Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Black metal, doom metal
Years active 2005 onward
Labels Season of Mist
Associated acts Shining, Mayhem, Den Saakaldte, Forgotten Tomb, Sehnsucht
Website Skitliv at MySpace
Members Sven Erik "Maniac" Kristiansen
Niklas Kvarforth
Ted Wedebrand
Renè M. "Spacebrain" Hamel
Ingvar Magnusson

Skitliv (Norwegian and Swedish for Crap life) is a Norwegian black-/doom metal band founded in 2005 by former Mayhem vocalist Maniac and Shining vocalist Niklas Kvarforth.

Maniac describes the project as "firmly rooted in black metal" but much darker and more brooding than anything he has done before.[1]



  • Kristiansen And Kvarforth Swim In The Sea Of Equalibrium While Waiting... (demo) (2007)
  • Amfetamin (MCD) (2008)
  • Skandinavisk misantropi (2009) [2]


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