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Skizoo en Extremúsika 2009.jpg
Background information
Origin Madrid, Spain
Genres Alternative metal
Years active 2005 - 2009
Labels EMI
Members Morti
Jorge Escobedo
Antonio Bernardini
Dani Pérez
Edu Fernandez

Skizoo was a Spanish Alternative Metal band from Madrid, created in 2005 by the guitarists of Sôber Jorge Escobedo and Antonio Bernardini , along with Morti (voice), Dani Pérez (drums) and, later, Edu Fernández (bass). This project would last 4 years, until when the Sôber group decides to return, leaving a large number of fans in the air.


The idea and project of Skizoo, was formulated in the minds ofJorge Escobedo and Antonio Bernardini taking advantage of the temporary separation of Sôber. It was then when Morti being in his residence in Barcelona receives a call from Madrid from Jorge, commenting on the idea and inviting him to take part giving life to the melody, lyrics and voice of the group. That's how Skizoo came to life. They were joined by Daniel Criado's bass (XXL) and Dani Pérez's drums (Saratoga and Stravaganzza ), guaranteeing a great future in Metal de España, a supergroup that promised great success for its lyrics and its strong sound.

Morti, Jorge, Antonio, Dani and Daniel, recorded in 2005 their self-titled debut album, which they released to the market in May of that same year with the company El Diablo . Soon after, Daniel Criado left the band and was replaced by Edu Fernández ( Stravaganzza bassist), who also takes care of the choirs in the live performances. Thus they found the definitive formation. Songs like "Renunciado al Sol", "Arriésgate", "We will have to forget" or "Not everything is lost" opened an important and deserved hole in the national scene. The public successfully supported this first album of the band (Skizoo, 2005) and its first two singles (Renuncio al sol y Hapará olvidar) were number 1 on the sales list for several weeks. In 2006 they signed for EMI and reissued their first album with the collaboration of Bunbury on vocals on the theme "Not everything is lost". They also added a version of the song "Entre dos tierras", by Héroes del silencio , two remixes and a DVD with images of the first tour.

At the end of that same year they recorded in Murcia their second album, Incerteza , released on February 19 , 2007 , the last album produced by Simón Echeverría (Big Simon), since he died before its publication. This work is clearly harder and more melodic than the previous one, among the majority of its fans it is said to be the best album of the band. The CD contained another 11 new songs from the band and came with a DVD offering a making of the recording, the Dame Aire video clip, aspects of the mastering of the album in New York, photo shoot and more extras.

At the beginning of 2008 they announced their departure from the multinational EMI and in May of that year they published their third work called 3 , with the independent record company DFX , work in which they experienced even more in the sound of the band, including multiple choirs, but without moving away from the alternative metal that characterizes them. Third and last disc of study, with 10 new subjects and a version of the success "The Passenger" of Iggy Pop. This disc also included a DVD with videos of the recording, like the two previous ones. The album was produced by the band at "Estudios Oasis" in Madrid. Of the disc emphasizes the work of Morti with the choirs.

Shortly after the release of the album, Dani Pérez and Edu Fernández stopped being part of Skizoo and were replaced at the concerts by Iván Ramírez (Ex-drummer of Ebony Ark) and José Hurtado (Bass player of Coilbox).

The group said goodbye to their fans (shortly before the return of Sôber) with the publication of the CD "The hidden face", consisting of rarities, models, collaborations and remixes. A total of 15 songs created throughout the entire trajectory of the band and not previously published. Outstanding are the collaborations with Bunbury, Pepe Herrero, Belén Arjona or Shuarma, as well as the remixes of Big Simon and Pinkertones or the original models of their first songs.

They also recorded the video of "Fuera de lugar" with the fans who wanted to participate in it, as a farewell gift. On August 17, 2009 Skizoo announced the definitive break in its career, by means of an official statement appeared on its website, for January 1, 2010 to officially announce the return Sôber . Morti formed in 2012 the band Immune, with a style similar to that of Skizoo.

Band members[edit]

Jorge Escobedo in 2013.

Final Line-up[edit]

Past members[edit]

  • Daniel Criado - Bass (2005)
  • Dani Pérez : Drums(2005-2008)
  • Edu Fernández : Bass / Choirs (2005-2008)



  • 2005: "Skizoo"
  • 2007: "Incerteza"
  • 2008: "3"
  • 2008: "La Cara Oculta"

Video clips[edit]

  • "Arriésgate"
  • "Habrá que olvidar"
  • "Renuncia al Sol"
  • "Dame Aire"
  • "Algún día"
  • "Incerteza"
  • "Skizoofrenico"

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