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The 2005 trade paperback edition
Publication information
Publisher2000 AD
Publication date1983-1995
Main character(s)Skizz
Creative team
Written byAlan Moore
Artist(s)Jim Baikie

Skizz was a comic book strip in 2000 AD which appeared in three installments across more than a decade. It was written by Alan Moore and drawn by Jim Baikie. Two sequels appeared some years later, written and drawn by Baikie.

It is best described as a cross between E.T and Boys from the Blackstuff.


Skizz, an alien interpreter, crash lands on Earth and his ship self-destructs to stop it falling into the wrong hands. He is saved from the military by a young girl called Roxy.


  • Skizz:
    • Skizz (in 2000 AD #308-330, 1983)
    • Alien Cultures (in 2000 AD #767-775, 1992)
    • Skizz Book 3 (in 2000 AD #912-927, 1994-1995)

There have a number of trade paperback releases over the years:

  • Skizz:
    • Titan (1989 ISBN 1-85286-135-5)
    • Titan (2002 ISBN 1-84023-450-4)
    • Rebellion Developments (2005 ISBN 1-904265-30-8)
    • DC (2005 ISBN 1-4012-0579-8)
  • Skizz II: Alien Cultures:

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