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Skjár Einn
The Skjár einn logo
Launched 20 October 1999
Owned by Skipti
Country  Iceland
Website Official Site

SkjárEinn (Icelandic meaning "Screen One") is an Icelandic television channel owned by Skipti.[1][2][3] Skjár Einn broadcasts both Icelandic and foreign television shows. Since its foundation in 1999 it has aired crime, drama, reality and comedy television series.[2] It is distributed by analogue over-the-air broadcast signal and also digitally via Sjónvarp Símans,[4] Vodafone Digital Ísland[5] and Vodafone Digital+.[5] Skjár Einn used to be free to anyone living in Iceland but as of recently, it requires a monthly subscription.

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