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Skolya is a Hasidic dynasty named after the town of Skole (Yiddish: Skolye‎) in Eastern Galicia (currently in Ukraine), where the founder of this dynasty lived and led his court.

List of rabbis[edit]

  • Rabbi Yitzchok of Drohobych (d. March 11, 1752 [1]), disciple of the Baal Shem Tov.
    • Rabbi Yekhiel Michel Rabinowitz of Zlotshev (c.1721 – 1786[2]), known as the Zlotshiver Maggid.
      • Rabbi Yosef Rabinowitz of Yampol (d. January 9, 1812[3]), son of Rabbi Yekhiel Mikhl of Zlotshev
        • Rebbe Yitzchok Rabinowitz of Yampil (son-in-law of Reb Boruch of Mezhbizh), son of Rabbi Yosef of Yampol; succeeded his father-in-law as Rebbe in Mezhbizh).
          • Rebbe Boruch Rabinovich of Yampil,[4] son of Reb Yitschak Drubitsher.
            • Rebbe Eliezer Chaim Rabinowitz of Yampola (1845–1916[5]) (the first Hasidic rebbe in America and founder of the Skolya dynasty) – son of Rebbe Boruch Rabinovich of Iași.
              • Rebbe Boruch Pinchas Rabinowitz of Skolya (Skole) (1874–1920[6]), buried in Vienna, son of Rebbe Eliezer Chaim of Yampola
                • Rebbe Dovid Yitzchok Eizek Rabinowitz of Skolya (1896–1979[7]), buried in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives – son of the Rebbe Boruch Pinchas of Skolya.
                  • R. Eliezer Chaim Rabinowitz, eldest son of Rebbe Dovid Yitzchok Eizek of Skolya
                  • R. Meir Rabinovich (September 1, 1918[8] – ?), second son of Rebbe Dovid Yitzchok Eizek of Skolya
                    • Rebbe Refael Goldstein, current Skolya 18 Rebbe in Borough Park; his first marriage was to Sora Masha,[9] only daughter of R. Meir Rabinovich and eldest grandchild of previous Skolya Rebbe
                      • Rabbi Yaakov Leib Goldstein, son of Rabbi Rafael Goldstein and son-in-law of Rabbi Yisroel Rosenbaum (1931–2009), Stanislover Rebbe of Monsey[10]
                  • R. Yosef Boruch Pinchus Rabinowitz,[11] son of Rebbe Dovid Yitzchok Eizek of Skolya
                    • Rebbe Avraham Moshe Rabinowitz, current Skolya Rebbe and author of about 20 spiritual books,Placed by the old Skolya rebba to take over after him, son of R. Boruch Rabinowitz[12] and eldest grandson[13] of Rebbe Dovid Yitzchok
              • Rebbe Shmuel Avrohom[14] of Mezhbizh (1883– ) – son of Rebbe Eliezer Chaim of Yampola. Rebbe Shmuel Avrohom was known as the Mezhbizher Gutter Yid.


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