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Birth nameKazarion Fowler
Years active2008–present
Associated acts

Skooly, born Kazarion Fowler (July 30, 1994), was a founding member of Atlanta-based rap group Rich Kidz.[1] Branching off from Rich Kidz to pursue a solo career in 2015, Skooly has since released several solo projects. Skooly's recent releases have been under 2 Chainz' label T.R.U.,[2] starting with Skooly's label-debut album BAcCWArdFeELiNgS in 2017.[3]

Early career[edit]

Skooly began his rap career when he was 14, co-founding collective Rich Kidz alongside Kaelub Denson aka Huncho Kae in 2008.[1] Rich Kidz first mixtape, Money Swag, was released in 2009 via digital download. After releasing several mixtapes, Rich Kidz was signed to Columbia Records in 2012.[4] After releasing music with Rich Kidz and Columbia in the early 2010s, Skooly released his first solo mixtape The Blacc Jon Gotti in 2015.

T.R.U. & 2 Chainz[edit]

Also in 2015, Skooly signed to 2 Chainz' label T.R.U.[2] Immediately after announcing T.R.U., or The Real University, 2 Chainz released his mixtape Tru Jack City, upon which Skooly was heavily featured.[5] Skooly continued to release solo mixtapes in 2016 with Trench Gotti[6] and King Cosa.[7] In 2017, he released his debut album BAcCWArdFeELiNgS, which featured 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and Kidd.[3] Skooly's most recent release came as an EP, Don't You Ever Forget Me, released in February 2018, with just one feature - 2 Chainz.[8]


Solo Projects
Release Date Title Project Format
2014 Situations Mixtape[9]
2015 The Blacc Jon Gotti Mixtape
2016 Trench Gotti Mixtape
2016 King Cosa Mixtape
2017 BAcCWArdFeELiNgS Album
2018 Don't You Ever Forget Me EP
2018 Don't You Ever Forget Me 2 Mixtape
2018 Don't You Ever Forget Me 3 Album
Release Date Title Album Artist Project Format
2009 Money Swag Rich Kidz Digital Download
2010 24/7 Rich Kidz Digital Download
2011 Straight Like That Rich Kidz Digital Download
2011 #StraightLikeThat2 Rich Kidz[10] Digital Download
2012 Everybody Eat Bread Rich Kidz[11] Digital Download
2012 Straight Like That 3 Rich Kidz[12] Digital Download
2013 Whole Team Ball (The Compilation) Rich Kidz[13] Digital Download
2013 A Westside Story Rich Kidz[14] Digital Download
2014 Y.A.R.S Rich




2016 Rapn & Sangn Rich Kidz[15] Digital Download


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