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The location of the Skopska Crna Gora dialect among the others Macedonian dialects

The Skopska Crna Gora dialect (Macedonian: Скопскоцрногорски дијалект, Skopskocrnogorski dijalekt) is a member of the western subgroup of the northern group of dialects of the Macedonian language. The dialect is spoken on small territory northern of Skopje on the mountain Skopska Crna Gora. The name of the dialect is derived from the name of the mountain because there is no larger city in that territory. The Skopska Crna Gora dialect is spoken in the villages Kučevište, Čučer-Sandevo, Mirkovci and other smaller villages. Since this dialect is in the same group with the Lower Polog dialect, they share many similarities on morphological and phonological level.

Phonological characteristics[edit]

  • use of A instead of E: трева / treva > трава / trava (grass), орев / orev > орав / orav (nut);
  • retained use of ъ Big Yer: лаже / laže > лъже / lăže (lie);
  • use of U instead of the Old Church Slavonic letter ON: пат / pat > пут / put (road), внук / vnuk > унук / unuk (nephew).

The phonological characteristics are nearer standard Serbian than Macedonian.

Morphological characteristics[edit]

  • use of the letter V between vowels: тоа / toa > това / tova (that)
  • palatal J before the letter E at the beginning of a word: јазик / jazik> језик / jezik (tongue), јаже > јуже (rope);
  • the consonant group MN is replaced with the consonant group ML: многу / mnogu > млогу / mlogu (too much);
  • use of the preposition U instead of the preposition VO: во град/ vo grad > у град / u grad (in city)

Typical words[edit]

There are many words which are typical of the Skopska Crna Gora dialect.[1]

  • равно / ravno instead of рамно / ramno (flat)
  • овоа / ovoa instead of ова / ova (this)
  • плевна / plevna instead of племна / plemna


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