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Skotos, sometimes known as Skotos Tech, is an online game company that was founded in 1999 and released its first game, Castle Marrach, in September 2000. Its primary focus is prose online RPGs (essentially, MUDs and MUSHes), though it currently offers a total of 15 different games. These include a number of graphical RPGs and online strategy games, which are also available at other sites.

Skotos is a commercial service that charges a monthly fee for its services. It is also the owner of RPGnet, a free tabletop role-playing web site.

Skotos Games[edit]

SOE Denver's Games[edit]

Sony Online Entertainment acquired Worlds Apart Productions as of August 10, 2006.[1] Worlds Apart Productions was then known as SOE-Denver until it was shut down in 2010.

Worlds Apart Productions originally intended to provide text-based role-playing games online and launched The Eternal City in 1996, and later released Grendel's Revenge in conjunction with Skotos Tech Inc. However, declining interest in text-based games led WAP to seek other online gaming niches. Worlds Apart Productions partnered with Decipher Inc. in 2003 to create the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game and noting the success of the game, then developed the online engine that allowed them to bring the card game online and reach a broader audience. The Lord of the Rings game was followed by the equally successful Star Trek Online, Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga and The Auto Assault Online card games.

Two of Worlds Apart Production's games are available solely through the Skotos service. Scott Martins, co-founder of World Apart Productions, stated on the forums that the two text-based games would continue to be offered by Skotos Tech Inc. after concern was expressed by players upon hearing of WAP's acquisition by Sony Online Entertainment.[2]

In late 2010 and early 2011, Sony SOE divested itself of any owning interest in The Eternal City and Grendel's Revenge, ceding the titles to Skotos.[3], and shut down the Sony SOE Denver division.[4]

Games created by Worlds Apart Production, either independently or in conjunction with Skotos Tech., include:

  • The Eternal City. This traditional MUD, with a very sophisticated combat system, is set in the low-fantasy Roman-like city of Iridine. It was previously available as an ad-driven service and became part of Skotos' text-based game offerings in 2001.
  • Grendel's Revenge. A game developed jointly by Skotos and Worlds Apart, where players take on the roles of monsters. As of 2012, the game was made free-to-play, due to Skotos Tech. no longer providing support due to a low population playerbase.[5]

Worlds Apart Productions was also in the process of creating a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) prior to joining Skotos Tech. Called The Eternal City: 3D, screenshots previously available on the old Worlds Apart website revealed some of the landmarks visible in The Eternal City. However, the project was abandoned in favour of the trading card games which eventually led to Worlds Apart's acquisition by SOE.

Skotos Strategy Games[edit]

There is currently one strategy game available exclusively through Skotos:

  • Galactic Emperor: Hegemony. A 3-week long recurring space combat game, previously available as Space Empires (not related to the Malfador game), designed by Richard Wolfe, and purchased and rebranded by Skotos in 2001. This game is based on Mike Young's The Galactic Emperor is Dead.

Other Skotos Channel Games[edit]

There are a number of other games currently available through Skotos on a non-exclusive basis:

Some games used to be available on the Skotos Channel, but were removed in 2006 for lack of players:

  • Graphical Roleplaying Games. These are more traditional MMORPGs, though mostly last generation ones. Only Meridian 59 is currently available via this gaming channel.

Technical infrastructure[edit]

In February 1999, Skotos acquired a reseller's license to commercial use rights for DGD, an LPMud server.[6] Skotos used the DGD platform in developing a number of its online games. [7]

Other Skotos Services[edit]

Skotos also has a free article archive available. It's largely centered on online game design, though a few authors have also written about online game playing experiences and the gaming industry in general.

The most notable columns at Skotos have been Jessica Mulligan's Biting the Hand and a column by Richard Bartle, the father of modern MUD design (and thus most MMORPGs and other online games).

Skotos also owns RPGnet and continues to offer it as a free service.

In 2000, Skotos contributed an article on its proximity system to the MUD community webzine Imaginary Realities.[8]


Skotos uses a "Story Points" system to reward players who refer new players and participate in other community-building activities. These are redeemable for both in-game and out-of-game benefits.[9]


Skotos has been featured by Wired, TechTV, Slashdot, GrrrlGamer, Gamasutra, and Gamegrene.

Skotos has received attention for the quality of its publicly available articles on virtual world design[10]

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