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Skovshoved Church, seen from the west

Skovshoved is a former fishing village on the Øresund coast north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The area is part of Gentofte Municipality.


Skovser women, c. 1800

Early history[edit]

The first known reference to Skovshoved (Scogshouet) is from 1275. The locality was associated with its fish wives, known as Skovserkoner, who would carry the day's catch in caskets on their back to the fish market at Gammel Strand in Copenhagen. The first harbor was built in 1869 but the current Skovshoved Harbour is from 1938.[1]

20th century[edit]

Skovshoved Parish was disjoined from that of Ordrup in 1915. With the construction of the new Coastal Road in 1936-38, Skovshoved gradually developed into a suburb of Copenhagen.


Rydhave, the residence of the US Ambassador

Much of the old fishing village has survived. Built in, Rydhave, now the residence of the United States' Ambassador to Denmark, is an example of the country houses that was built in the area in the late 19th and early 20th century.[2]

Skovshoved Church is from 1915 and was designed by Alfred Brandt. The listed Skovshoved Petrol Station was completed to a Modernist design by Arne Jacobsen in 1936.[3]


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Coordinates: 55°45′35″N 12°35′22″E / 55.7597°N 12.5894°E / 55.7597; 12.5894