Skownan First Nation

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Skownan First Nation
Band No. 281
TreatyTreaty 2
HeadquartersSkownan, Manitoba
Main reserveWaterhen 45
Population (2015)
On reserve750
Total population1,464
ChiefCameron Cacheway
Tribal Council
West Region Tribal Council

Skownan First Nation is a Saulteaux (Ojibwe) First Nations band government whose reserve community, Waterhen 45, is located 288 km north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,[1] on the south shore of Waterhen Lake, between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis.[2] As of May, 2015, the First Nation had 1,464 registered members, of which 750 lived on-reserve.[3][4]

The Skownan First Nation is a member of the West Region Tribal Council.[3]

Skownan First Nation also owns and operates a local radio station, known as 98.7 SKO FM. The radio station services the community.


Originally, the First Nation was known as the Waterhen River Band of Saulteaux and later simply as Waterhen First Nation (not to be confused with the Waterhen Lake Band of Cree in Saskatchewan, known today as the Waterhen Lake First Nation). The Skownan First Nation is a signatory to Treaty 2. Their name comes from Ne-biimiskonaan, meaning 'to turn around the point' or 'turning point' in the Anishinaabe language.


The Skownan First Nation elect their council on a now four*-year term under the authority of the Act Electoral System. The current Chief is Cameron Catcheway; the Councillors are Ken Catcheway, Sterling Catcheway, Jimmy Chartrand and Charlotte Nepinak. The Chief and Councillors' terms began on November 3, 2016 and will expire on November 5, 2020.[3]

The First Nation is a member of West Region Tribal Council, a regional tribal council.[3]

List of Chiefs[edit]

Period Chief Notes
1871 Francois/Broken Fingers signatory of Treaty 2
1872–1885 Katahkahwaynaas
1885–1922 Baptiste O'kitchekeshowenin/Nepinak
1922–1950 Hermus Nepinak
1951–1955 Alex Catcheway terms 1-2
1955–1959 Moise Catcheway terms 1-2
1959–1961 Alex Catcheway term 3
1961–1963 Joe Catcheway
1963–1965 Carl Gabriel
1965–1967 Alphonse Catcheway
1967–1969 Moise Catcheway term 3
1969–1971 Donald Catcheway
1971–1979 Moise Catcheway terms 4-7
1979–1983 Harvey Nepinak terms 1-2
1983–1987 Larry Catagas
1987–1999 Harvey Nepinak terms 3-8
1999–2003 Bernard Catcheway terms 1-2
2003–2005 Robert Lavallee
2005–2010 Harvey Nepinak terms 9-11.5
2010–incumbent Cameron Catcheway


The Skownan First Nation has only one Indian reserve, the 1,856.7-hectare Waterhen Indian Reserve No. 45.[3]


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