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Origin Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Genres Nu metal[1]
Years active 1998–2004
Labels RCA Records
Associated acts Dark New Day, Evanescence, Dope
Members Billy Keeton
Brian Milner
Randy Melser
Pete Sison
Will Hunt
Past members Mike Lynchard
Tom Maxwell

Skrape was an American nu metal band.[1]

Formed in 1998 under the name "Jojo", they later renamed to "Skrape" in 2000. They would release two albums through RCA Records. Their 2001 debut New Killer America spawned two singles in "Waste" and "Isolated". Tours with the likes of Pantera, Slayer and Morbid Angel saw the album sell in excess of 100,000 copies in the US.

Their second album Up the Dose was released in 2004 with little support from their label, who had recently been taken over by J Records. Beforehand, the band toured with Soil, Static-X, and Twisted Method. The album had been finished since mid-2003, and the band was set to release "Summer Song" as a single, but the album was pushed back several times, eventually being released in January. Faced with the prospect of releasing a single entitled "Summer Song" in January, they changed the name of the song to "Stand Up (Summer Song)". A couple of months after Up the Dose's release, the band was dropped from the label. Drummer Will Hunt issued a press release hinting at possible future activities with Skrape, but nothing has happened other than a reunion gig in 2005 opening for Dark New Day. They are now disbanded.

In 2004, Will Hunt became a member of Dark New Day, and then later Evanescence. Guitarist Brian Milner went on to join Dope as their bassist. Vocalist Billy Keeton has continued to pursue his musical career with various projects, such as the short-lived Blessed in Black (featuring former members of Nothingface). Keeton also has done vocals for local Florida cover band Money Shot when not working with former members of Primer 55 Bobby Burns (Soulfly) and Kobie Jackson. Formerly titled Paris is Burning, the three have named the project King Street. Keeton currently is vocalist for Audiotopsy, which features bassist Perry Stern as well as drummer Matthew McDonough & guitarist Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne.

Pete Sison was also in Moneyshot with Keeton for a short period until, mega hit 90's rockers Slaughter offered Sison a position as a backup bassist for Dana Strum. Sison is also involved with Kentucky rockers Bleeding Black and Waking Season, and continues to write with Billy Keeton in a side project called HoneyHole.


  • Billy Keeton – lead vocals (founding member)
  • Brian "Brix" Milner – guitar, keyboard, turntables, backing vocals (founding member)
  • Pete Sison – bass (founding member)
  • Will Hunt – drums, backing vocals (founding member)
  • Mike Lynchard – guitar (founding member)
  • Randy Melser – guitar



Album information
New Killer America
Up the Dose


Year Song U.S. Modern Rock U.S. Mainstream Rock Album
2001 "Isolated" - 35 New Killer America
"Waste" - 29
2004 "Stand Up (Summer Song)" - 34 Up the Dose



"What You Say" (was only available on their now defunct official website)


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