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Skullcap or skull cap may refer to:

  • Calvaria, the top part of the skull, in human (or other vertebrate animal) anatomy.
  • Certain types of headgear:
    (head garments in costumery)
    • Beanie, a brimless cap popular among school age boys from the 1920s to the early 1940s
    • Gua pi mao (瓜皮帽), a hat commonly worn in the Qing dynasty
    • Kippah or yarmulke, a small cloth skullcap usually worn by Jewish men while at prayer, some Jewish women at prayer, and some Jewish men at all times.
    • Kufi, or kofia, a skullcap worn primarily by men of West African heritage
    • Taqiyah (cap), a skullcap worn by some Muslim men
    • Tubeteika, a Central Asian cap
    • Tuque, a knit hat
    • Zucchetto, worn by Catholic clergy
    • Biretta, a square or triangular black cap, forming part of some clerical, academic or legal dress
    • Jeep cap, originating with the US Army, and popular among some skateboarders
    • Calotte
  • (helmet in warfare)
    • Cervelliere, a term for a round-bowl type iron helmet of the medieval period
    • Capeline, worn under civilian hats during early modern periods
  • (sports equipment)
  • Plants of the genus Scutellaria, especially extracts of Scutellaria lateriflora, used in herbal medicine
  • Galerina autumnalis, or autumn skullcap, a poisonous mushroom
  • Skullcap, ruins in the fictional Dragonlance universe