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Origin London, United Kingdom
Years active 1987 (1987)–present
Associated acts
  • Ramleh
  • Ascension
  • Broken Flag
Past members
  • Stuart Dennison
  • Stefan Jaworzyn
  • Gary Mundy
  • Alex Binnie
  • Stephen Thrower
  • Anthony DiFranco

Skullflower is a British noise rock band, formed in 1987 in London. Led by guitarist Matthew Bower, the band attained a cult following with a sound based on "sludgy, Black Sabbath-style riffs overlaid with feedback, fuzzed-out guitar noise, and throttling rhythms, all played at a high volume." Always an improvisational outfit, the band's music grew increasingly free-form over the course of their career, moving farther away from the rock music form.[1]

The band's lineup has been fluid; the early core members were Bower, drummer Stuart Dennison and bassist/guitarist Stefan Jaworzyn. Other contributors included guitarist Gary Mundy of Ramleh, bassist Alex Binnie, bassist/drummer Stephen Thrower of Coil, and auxiliary bassist/guitarist/drummer Anthony DiFranco.[1]


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