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Inception 2013[1]
Manufacturer Skully Helmets Inc.
Available Pre-orders August, 2014[2]
Last production year 2016
Website (defunct)

Skully was a brand of motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display and a rear-facing camera.[3][4] The helmet's software was based on the Android platform, and can be controlled with voice commands.[3] Users can see rearward through the heads-up display and the rear camera.[3][5] The helmet also includes Bluetooth functionality, allowing music streaming from smartphones.[6] Similar helmet designs have been proposed in the past including one by LiveMap[7]

The helmet was invented by Marcus Weller[8] who also served as the company CEO. As of July 12, 2016 Marcus Weller was removed as CEO and replaced by Martin Fitcher.[9] Fichter was an executive at mobile device company HTC's American subsidiary in Bellevue, Washington.[10]

As of August, 2014, the manufacturer was taking preorders for the helmet.[2] The company also had the fastest fully funded Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to-date, raising $1.1 million.[11] However, there were significant production delays with the helmet[12] including company insider accounts estimating no more than 20 to 100 shipped units as of July 12, 2016.[9]

Skully shut down in July 2016[13] and was expected to declare bankruptcy shortly afterward.[14] Despite having raised $2.5 million through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and an additional $11 million in venture capital from Intel and others, the company was unable to secure additional funding.[14] Former executive assistant, Isabelle Faithhauer, is suing Skully and the founders, Marcus and Mitch Weller, for fraudulently using corporate funds for personal use,[15][16] though Marcus Weller denied the claims of the lawsuit.[14] Skully was also sued by supplier Flextronics for over $1 million in unpaid and overdue bills and other related expenses.[17]


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