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View from inside (2006)

SkyCity, originally known as the Eye of the Needle,[1] is a revolving restaurant situated atop the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. It features a 14-foot-deep (4.3 m) carousel (or ring-shaped) dining floor on which sit patrons' tables, chairs, and dining booths. The floor revolves on a track and wheel system, which weighs roughly 125 tons, at a rate of one revolution every 47 minutes.

The restaurant was designed by John Graham & Company, patterned after the La Ronde they had built atop the Ala Moana Center in 1963.[2] Due to the balance and precision of its design, the floor's rotation is accomplished using just a single 1½-horsepower motor.[3]

SkyCity serves Pacific Northwest cuisine and features local seafood, steak, chicken and vegetarian menu items. The restaurant is considered fine dining, and has a casual dress code. The seating is arranged to provide every table with an unobstructed view of the Seattle metropolitan area.


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