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T3 Center
T3 Center, Umeå.jpg
Former names Umeå Arena, SkyCom Arena, Umeå ishall
Location Umeå, Sweden
Capacity 5,400
Opened 1963
Renovated 2001

T3 Center, formerly Umeå Arena, SkyCom Arena and Umeå ishall, is an indoor arena in Umeå, Sweden. It is the home arena of the IF Björklöven and Tegs SK ice hockey teams. Its current capacity is 5,400 spectators.

The arena was first built in 1963 as Umeå ishall and rebuilt as Umeå Arena in 2001, which was the name until 2005. On 1 October 2008, the name was reverted to Umeå Arena after a new sponsor deal.[1]

On 17 September 2013, the arena was renamed T3 Center after the Swedish telecommunication company T3 bought the naming rights for at least the following five seasons (through the 2017–18 season).[2]


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