SkyWheel Helsinki

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SkyWheel Helsinki
Finniar SkyWheel Helsinki (Ferris wheel) (2).jpg
Former namesFinnair SkyWheel
General information
TypeFerris wheel
LocationHelsinki, Finland
AddressKatajanokanlaituri 2
Coordinates60°10′1.8″N 24°57′35.2″E / 60.167167°N 24.959778°E / 60.167167; 24.959778Coordinates: 60°10′1.8″N 24°57′35.2″E / 60.167167°N 24.959778°E / 60.167167; 24.959778
OpenedJune 3, 2014; 5 years ago (2014-06-03)
OwnerSkywheel Helsinki Oy
Height40 m (131 ft)

SkyWheel Helsinki is a 40-meter (131 feet) tall Ferris wheel in central Helsinki, Finland. One of its gondola cabins, the SkySauna, is the world's first sauna on a Ferris wheel.[1] It opened to the public on June 3, 2014.[2] It was originally named the Finnair SkyWheel and its placement on Katajanokka harbor is where the airline first located its flight operations in the 1920s.[3]


The Netherlands-based Dutch Wheels designed and constructed the wheel.[4] It is a model R40.[5] It has 30 climate controlled gondolas, allowing the wheel to operate year round.[6] Of these, 29 blue-and-white gondolas can accommodate six people, except for the VIP gondola which can accommodate four.[7] The wood paneled SkySauna gondola can hold up to five people.[8] The VIP gondola features a glass floor and leather chairs.[3]


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