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Sky (TV serial).jpg
Written byBob Baker
Dave Martin
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes7
Running time25 minutes per episode
Production company(s)HTV West
Original networkITV
Original release7 April - 19 May 1975

Sky is a mystically oriented children's science fantasy television serial made for ITV by HTV and broadcast in seven parts from 7 April to 14 May 1975.

A mysterious alien boy with strange solid blue eyes, the eponymous Sky (Marc Harrison), finds himself on Earth in the wrong period of time. He uses his psychic powers to achieve his goal of finding a way to his correct temporal destination, which is after "The Chaos". Sky is confronted by the world soul of Earth in the form of Nature, which tries to reject him much as an immune system might an infection. In his quest to reach the time he was intended for, Sky is assisted by three human children. The serial was written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, also known for their scripts for Doctor Who and the fantasy television series for children Into the Labyrinth.

Although the series was kept on 2" videotape into the 1990s, during a transfer to film stock episodes 3 and 7 were damaged beyond repair. The series was finally released by Network DVD in May 2009, with the damaged segments replaced by inferior, but watchable, VHS copies of the episodes.


  1. "Burning Bright" (7 April 1975)
  2. "Juganet" (14 April 1975)
  3. "Goodchild" (21 April 1975)
  4. "What Dread Hand" (28 April 1975)
  5. "Evalake" (5 May 1975)
  6. "Life Force" (10 May 1975)
  7. "Chariot of Fire" (17 May 1975)


  • Patrick Dromgoole (Executive producer, Director episodes 1, 2)
  • Leonard White (Producer, Director episode 6)
  • Derek Clark (Director episodes 4, 7)
  • Terry Harding (Director episodes 3, 5)
  • Bob Baker (Writer)
  • Dave Martin (Writer)
  • Eric Wetherell (Music)



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