Sky (Yui Horie album)

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Yui Horie - sky.PNG
Studio album by Yui Horie
Released July 24, 2003
Recorded ?-?
Genre J-pop
Length 55:46
Label Star Child Records
Producer Toshimichi Otsuki, Sakumi Matsuda and Atsushi Moriyama
Yui Horie chronology
Limited edition cover

Sky (stylized as sky) is Yui Horie's third solo album. A limited edition version of this album was released with an alternate album cover and included a photo book. This album also has the opening and ending themes from her radio show "Tenshi no Tamago".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "お気に入りの自転車"
    (o-Ki ni iri no jitensha, My favourite bicycle)
  2. "Romantic flight"
  3. "Eyes memorize"
  4. "見つめられたら" ~ when I fall in love with you
    (Mitsumeraretara, When being gazed upon)
  5. "Rain"
  6. "It's my style"
  7. "タイムカプセル"
    (Taimu kapuseru, Time capsule)
  8. "ひまわりと飛行機雲"
    (Himawari to hikōkigumo, Sunflowers and a vapor trail)
  9. "Angel 恋をした"
    (Angel koi o shita, Angel, I fell in love)
  10. "All my love" - album mix
  11. "Tomorrow"
  12. "I just wanna be with you"
  13. "In the sky"