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Sky: Children of the Light
Director(s)Jenova Chen
ReleaseJuly 18, 2019
Genre(s)Adventure, art game
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Sky: Children of the Light is an indie adventure game developed and published by Thatgamecompany. It was released for iOS on July 18, 2019. Versions for other platforms are in development. [1]


In the game, you play as a child with a cape that gives you the ability to fly. You have a candle on you at all times that you can use to light shrines and doors. You can also use the candle to reveal the appearance of other players. You can customize your own appearance as well, and give your character a unique hairstyle, cape color, leg shape, head accessory and cape accessory. Customizable items are aquired from spirits.

Spirits can be found throughout the game. There are 2 main kinds of spirits, the first of which are small and yellow, and will level up your light energy. The second kind of spirits are larger and are usually blue, and will give you a special emotion that you can perform at any time. You can revisit these spirits and they will give you wing uprades and customizable items in exchange for candles and hearts.

There are 7 main worlds throughout the game, each of which has its own unique spirits to find. Most worlds have no danger whatsoever, but some worlds have giant black creatures that will comsume all of your light energy if you are in their vision for too long. You can visit any of the 7 worlds at any time as long as you have completed the previous world first.


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