Sky Cries Mary

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Sky Cries Mary
Origin Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres Rock
Years active 1988–99, 2004–present
Labels Lively Art/New Rose Records, World Domination Recordings/Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Records, Collective Fruit Records, Hoodooh Music, Trail Records
Members Rodrick Wolgamott Romero
Ben Ireland
Ron Nine
Kurt Danielson
Past members Anisa Romero
Jon "Juano" Davison
Jon Auer
Ken Stringfellow
Scott Mercado
Alfred Butler
Stephen Brian-Salit
Mark Ultra
Kevin McCoy
Jeff Guess
DJ Fallout (Todd "TR" Robbins)
Joe Skyward (Joseph E. Howard)
Bennett James
Marc Olsen
Gordon Raphael
Jeff Greinke
Jeremy Moss
Michael Cozzi
William Bernhard
Kent Halvorsen

Sky Cries Mary is an American musical group from Seattle, Washington, that formed in the late 1980s. The husband and wife team of Roderick Wolgamott Romero and Anisa Romero sung dual lead vocals. Other principal band members included Michael Cozzi (formerly of Shriekback), who produced their albums and plays guitar, Ben Ireland on drums, Jon 'Juano' Davison (later of Yes and Glass Hammer) on bass, and Gordon Raphael (producer for The Strokes) onkeyboards until 1997.

The band has been semi-inactive since the early 2010s, with no studio activity and only occasional concerts. In November 26, 2016, Wolgamott Romero and Ireland premiered a new line-up, alongside guitarist Ron Nine (of Love Battery) and bassist Kurt Danielson (formerly of Tad).


The band's first album, from 1989, featured Roderick Wolgamott playing with Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow from The Posies. The second album, released in 1990, featured the same trio, joined by Scott Mercado, Alfred Butler, Stephen Brian-Salit, Mark Ultra, Kevin McCoy and Jeff Guess. The band then became a septet with Roderick Wolgamott and Anisa Romero, DJ Fallout a.k.a. Todd "TR" Robbins, Joseph E. Howard (a.k.a. Joe Skyward), Bennett James, Marc Olsen and Gordon Raphael. It was during this time they recorded A Return to the Inner Experience. Cozzi replaced Olsen on the fifth through seventh albums. In 1994, Davison replaced Joe Howard. Bernhard joined the band in 1998 after Cozzi left to pursue other projects.

Sky Cries Mary had broken up in 1999, shortly after the release of Seeds because band members wanted to work on other projects. They regrouped in various configurations including Hana, which featured Anisa Romero, Jeff Greinke, and Ben Ireland, and No Futuro, an experimental musical project helmed by Roderick Romero, William Bernhard, and Jeremy Moss. In 2004, the band (composed of the Romeros, Ireland, Davison, Cozzi and Bernhard) regrouped after they won the rights to their music back from their old record company and subsequently released their first live album Here and Now. Two years later they followed it up with the release of Small Town.

In 2008, Sky Cries Mary's lead vocalists Roderick and Anisa Romero were featured along with Sting and Russell Simmons on Lokah's debut release, The Ivy Ceiling.

Sky Cries Mary were one of the first ever bands to have an 'internet only' concert, an effort that was directed by former member McCoy.[1]

In 2012, bassist Jon Davison joined British progressive rock band Yes, performing as their lead vocalist.

In November 26, 2016, original singer Roderick Wolgamott Romero premiered a new line-up, alongside original drummer Ben Ireland, guitarist Ron Nine (Love Battery) and bassist Kurt Danielson (Tad).


Their song "The Elephant Song" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie The Harvest. Their song "Shipwrecked" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Tank Girl. Their song "Cornerman" was featured in the movie Higher Learning, playing from a jukebox.


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