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Sky Eye series UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Hunan Skyit Co., Ltd. (Sky It, 湖南中航天幕科技有限公司). Sky Eye (Tian-Mu or Tianmu) series includes both the fixed and rotary wing and aircraft. Although these UAVs are capable of both military and civilian missions, the only confirmed application is aerial cinematography in movies and television production.

Sky Eye Great Roc[edit]

Sky Eye Great Roc (Tian-Mu Da-Peng or Tianmudapeng, 天目大鹏) is a Chinese micro air vehicle (MAV) developed by Sky It. The MAV is conventional layout with a T-tail. Propulsion is provided by a two-blade propeller driven by a pusher engine installed behind the wing. Specification:[1]

  • Wingspan: 1.6 m
  • Length: 1.2 m
  • Payload: 0.65 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 1.5 kg
  • Cruise speed: 25–45 km/h
  • Operating altitude: 30–1500 m
  • Endurance: 20–50 min

Sky Eye Green Bird[edit]

Sky Eye Green Bird (Tian-Mu Qing-Niao or Tianmuqingniao, 天目青鸟) is a Chinese UAV developed by Sky It. Sky Eye Green Bird is an unmanned helicopter with conventional helicopter layout, and there are options to either be gasoline-powered or electrically powered. For the gasoline-powered type, there are three versions, 26 cc, 56 cc and 80 cc. Specification:[2]

  • Rotary radius: 1.76–2.1 m
  • Length: 1.57–1.75 m
  • Payload: 3–9.5 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 8–20 kg
  • Cruise speed: 30–80 km/h
  • Operating altitude: 10–1500 m
  • Endurance: 15–45 min
  • Max wind scale allowed for operation: 4

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