Sky Office Tower

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Sky Office Tower
Sky Office Tower 01.JPG
Sky Office Tower
General information
Status Complete
Type Business
Location Zagreb, Croatia
Coordinates 45°47′48″N 15°54′42″E / 45.79657°N 15.911716°E / 45.79657; 15.911716Coordinates: 45°47′48″N 15°54′42″E / 45.79657°N 15.911716°E / 45.79657; 15.911716
Construction started 21 August 2007[1]
Estimated completion late summer 2012
Cost €76 million[2]
Owner Dalekovod, Zagreb-Montaža
Roof 80 m[1]
Top floor 22[1]
Technical details
Floor count 22
Floor area 71,897 square metres (773,890 sq ft)[1]
Lifts/elevators 8
Design and construction
Architect Ante Anin
Architecture firm Anin-Jeromin-Fitilidis & Partner
Sky Office - Arhitektura

Sky Office Tower is a dual business tower, elliptically shaped, located in Zagreb, Croatia, north of the Zagrebačka Avenue, near the intersection with Zagrebačka cesta. The office tower was completed in 2012. It is one of the few high-rise construction projects in Zagreb that persisted throughout the economic crisis in 2010.[3]

The tower will feature 22 floors above the ground and a number of underground floors.[4] The whole project is set to cost 76 million euros.[2]

The tower was originally planned to have 29 floors and be 108 meters high, becoming the tallest skyscraper in Zagreb and the whole of Croatia. The plan has since been revised to 22 floors, although it is still possible for Sky Office Tower to build to 29 floors, developer has stated that it might build 29 floor tower if the funds are there.[citation needed]

Total of 706 parking spaces — 659 in the garage and 47 in out door space.[5] Access to the underground garages is provided via two entry-exit ramps, which are heated against freezing. Underground levels with parking and handy storage areas, are directly linked to the office spaces.[citation needed]

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