Sky Plaza

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Sky Plaza
Sky Plaza Tower 2.JPG
Alternative names The Plaza Phase Three
General information
Status Complete
Type Skyscraper[1]
Location Clay Pit Lane, Leeds, England
Coordinates 53°48′13″N 1°32′39″W / 53.80361°N 1.54417°W / 53.80361; -1.54417Coordinates: 53°48′13″N 1°32′39″W / 53.80361°N 1.54417°W / 53.80361; -1.54417
Construction started 2007
Completed 2009
Roof 348 ft (106 m) AGL
552 ft (168 m) ASL
Technical details
Floor count 37
Design and construction
Architect Carey Jones Architects Ltd
Developer Unite Group plc
Main contractor Shepherd Construction

Sky Plaza (also known as The Plaza Tower) is a 37 storey, residential skyscraper, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is the second phase of a development in Leeds city centre, consisting of 572 student apartments. It is the world's second tallest student accommodation building, the third tallest being Nido Spitalfields in London,[2][3] With the tallest being 17 New Wakefield Street in Manchester. While Sky Plaza is not the tallest building in Leeds, its roof is the highest point in the city centre as it is built on high ground. It can be seen from as far as 25 miles (40 km) from most areas. And is easily identifiable on a night with it's flashing aircraft warning light.

The original planning application was an approved 26-storey scheme which was altered into the 37-storey tower. The design was submitted by Carey Jones Architects and the main contractor on site will be Shepherd Construction. Construction took place from 2007 to 2009.

It caters mainly to students from University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University and Leeds College of Music. The premium range of flats are some of the most expensive student accommodations in Leeds.


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  1. ^ Under the Emporis Standards Committee, a skyscraper is defined as a multi-storey building which is at least 100m. Any building from 35m to 100m tall is generally considered to be a high rise building.
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