Sky Resort

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Sky Resort
Location Bogd Khan Uul
Nearest city Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Coordinates 47°54′20″N 106°58′27″E / 47.905526°N 106.97422°E / 47.905526; 106.97422Coordinates: 47°54′20″N 106°58′27″E / 47.905526°N 106.97422°E / 47.905526; 106.97422
Vertical 191 metres (627 ft)
Top elevation 1,570 metres (5,150 ft)
Base elevation 1,379 metres (4,524 ft)
Runs 9
Longest run 1.07 kilometres (0.66 mi) "Zaisan"
Lift system 2 quad chairlifts, 2 surface lists, 3 moving carpets
Snowfall 20 centimetres (7.9 in)
Snowmaking yes
Night skiing 6-10 PM

Sky Resort is a ski resort located near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The resort is sited on Bogd Khan Uul, with a base of 1,379 metres (4,524 ft) and tops out at 1,570 metres (5,150 ft).[1]

Ownership and location[edit]

It is owned and operated as a joint venture by MCS Group with Petrovis, Skytel company and Kerry group, and is located on Bogd Khan Uul. The resort is a year-round recreation destination and offers a wide range of outdoor activities. A golf course was preliminary opened in summer 2012 and set to be fully operational in 2013.[2] Ski season is usually open from November to March or April depending on weather conditions. Night skiing as well as different package tours are also offered.

Sky Resort is approximately 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) from Ulaanbaatar. The closest airport is Chinggis Khaan International Airport.

Mountain statistics[edit]


Easier More Difficult Most Difficult
4 2 1
  • Skiable area:
  • 9 trails (including ski school and sledding slope)
    • novice - 44%
    • intermediate - 22%
    • advanced and expert - 11%
  • Longest trail - 1.07 kilometres (0.66 mi)


Name Capacity Vertical
Davkhia Quad
Tsogio Quad
Khatiraa 1 person surface lift
Shogshoo 1 person surface lift
Moving Carpet 1
Moving Carpet 2
Moving Carpet 3
  • 7 Total
  • Uphill Capacity - skiers per hour


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