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TC-1 Sky Sword I

The TC-1 Sky Sword I (Chinese: 天劍一; pinyin: Tiānjiàn Yī) is a short range infrared guided air-to-air missile developed by the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology in Taiwan for the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF). The missile was developed in the mid to late 1980s and is deployed on the ROCAF's F-CK IDF fighters. It is the major air-to-air missile used by IDF along with the radar guided Sky Sword II (TC-2).

General characteristics[edit]

  • Primary Function: Air-to-air missile
  • Power Plant: Solid propellant
  • Length: 2.87 m
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Diameter: 127 mm
  • Warhead: Blast/fragmentation
  • Guidance: Infrared homing
  • Date Deployed: 1993

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