Sky Tower (Wrocław)

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Sky Tower
Wrocław Sky Tower.jpg
General information
TypeMixed use
LocationWrocław, Poland
Coordinates51°5′38″N 17°1′3″E / 51.09389°N 17.01750°E / 51.09389; 17.01750Coordinates: 51°5′38″N 17°1′3″E / 51.09389°N 17.01750°E / 51.09389; 17.01750
Construction started2007
CostUS$400 million
Antenna spire212 m (696 ft)
Roof206 m (676 ft)
Technical details
Floor count51 [1]
Design and construction
ArchitectMariusz Korszorsz and Dariusz Dziubiński (Studio Archiektoniczne FOLD s.c.)
(previous project WALAS Sp.z.o.o)
Main contractorLC Corp.

Sky Tower is a skyscraper in Wrocław, Poland. Construction began in December 2007 with the demolition of the 24-story Poltegor structure, until then the tallest building in the city. Sky Tower is the tallest building in Poland in the category of height to roof and category of highest floor, and the second tallest structure overall after the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. A publicly accessible viewpoint is located on the 49th floor.

First design[edit]

The Profile of Time, sculpture by Salvador Dalí in front of the Sky Tower, on permanent loan from the Dalí Museum in Paris.[2]

The project is located on a property with an area of 27,362 square meters, located to the south of the center of Wrocław, approximately 2.5 km from the Main Square.

According to the initial architectural plans, Sky Tower would be a residential, office and commercial complex consisting of 7 buildings of various heights and with an aggregate surface area exceeding 260,000 square meters. One of the apartment buildings comprising Sky Tower was to be 258 m in height, including a spire (roof height at 221 m) and thus be the tallest residential building in Poland. The complex was to contain a parking facility with a capacity of over 2,000 cars. Completion of the Sky Tower project was originally slated for the second half of 2010.

Economic downturn[edit]

Like many construction sites around the world, Sky Tower was affected by the 2008 economic crisis, and construction of the tower ceased for a full year. In November 2009 an investor, one of the richest individuals in Poland, Leszek Czarnecki (shareholder Getin Holding SA), stated that the project would be redesigned with a lower overall height of 212 meters. Construction work resumed, and was expected to be complete by the end of 2012. May 24, 2012 saw the opening of a shopping center in the Sky Tower complex.


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